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The Lust List 7.21.17

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Oracle of Oddities

lust list

Macabre imagery of bones, muscle, and organs mingle with the softness of flowers and moths in this collage style oracle deck. Black and the Moon//$34.61

Lilith Mourning Beads

lust list

Named for the Goddess Lilith, this hand strung mourning strand features Onyx, Tourmaline, and antique jet. Created with the intention to sooth heartbreak and offer protection, it provides mental and spiritual focus to its wearer, as all Bloodmilk pieces are meant to do. Bloodmilk//$150

Goddess Sign Cauldron

lust list

This handmade pottery piece is perfect for crushing herbs, grinding spices, and casting spells. A Fretheim Crafts//$20

Claw Taxidermy Ring

lust list

Taking the idea of jewelry as armor to a whole new level, these talon sharp rings are for those days when you’re ready to cut someone. Bete Noire//$70

Veil of the Flame Face Mask Powder

lust list

Mix this deep cleaning and exfoliating mask with water, honey, yogurt, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, avocado, or any other natural, nourishing ingredient. Cattail Apothecary//$14

Backstabber Occasional Chair

lust list

This statement piece is the perfect cozy, welcoming seat to offer your guests. Haunt Cult//$2695


Lady Vanitree Note Cards

lust list

For writing death threats and love letters. Artificialia Room//$10.50

Seduce Chaise

lust list

Flowing black robe isn’t included, but it is required. Haunt Cult//$2295


Baphomet Enamel Pin

lust list

This cartoonish Baphomet serves as an adorable reminder to do as thou wilt. Colonel Tony Moore//$12

Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

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About The Author

Haleigh is a lover of all things dark and magical. She works in fashion, and is the co-founder of Babe Coven. Follow her on IG to keep up with her latest darkling musings and desires, her all black everything wardrobe, and no shortage of cat photos.

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