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Makeup Tutorial: Duochrome Graphic Look by Mª Beatriz

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Graphic makeup can look very intimidating to do; I get that. But, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks! (Seriously.) The beautiful geometric shapes, cut crease, and symmetry found in a bold eye look like this are just a different way of expressing yourself. After all, makeup is an art form.

Step #1: Let’s start with brows. I like to play with the natural shape of my brows, so I will apply a brow gel to lift the hairs and to make them stay in place. Don’t have a brow gel? No problem — I don’t, either. I use transparent soap + water with a brush like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush in 20 to shape my brows in this editorial style. Here’s a quick tutorial by Bailey Sarian to help you achieve this brow look.

Step #2: Once my eyebrow “gel” is dry, I’ll color my brows. For this look, I’m using a glittery blue liquid lipstick, but you can use a cream eyeliner, eye pencil, or even eyeshadow. It is important to use an upward motion, going with the majority of the pressure at the base of your brow and then using a lighter hand on the top. Once I get the desired design, I clean up the line at the base of the brow using a lighter concealer with a concealer brush.

In this graphic look, I’m doing a cut crease. To make it easier, I will first blend all the eyeshadows I want, and then cut the crease with concealer. For me, this is the easiest way to create a cut crease because you don’t have to worry about being precise with the blending.

Step #3: I have really oily lids, so I will use the Nyx Proof It! Eyebrow Primer as my base. After sealing it with translucent powder, I will blend the yellow shade of the Juvia’s Place Zulu palette all over my crease using a Zoeva 228 brush. For this design it is important to extend the color out into a wing, to get a very bold, geographic shape.

Step #4: Once I am happy with the amount of yellow and with how it’s blended I will add an orange shade, also from the Zulu palette, using a Zoeva 221 brush. I will follow the same wing shape with this color. Then, I blend in the brown shade of the same palette with a Zoeva 227 brush. This way I can create a beautiful gradient of warm tones, from yellow to dark orange.

To finish this part I will blend some Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Moonstone on my brow bone.

Step #5: It is time to cut the crease! Breathe, together we can do it! Using a small detailing brush (a Zoeva 238) and a full coverage creamy concealer, I will start cutting the crease from the inner corner to the outer corner. If you have hooded lids like me, you can make the cut above your natural crease.

Phew! We did it. Now I will set the concealer with an eyeshadow that matches my skin tone.

Step #6: For this step I will use micropore tape as a guide to my liner. You can also use clear tape, but stick it to your hand a few times before putting it on your face, as this will remove some of the stickiness and make it less likely to damage your skin. As I said, I have hooded lids, so I don’t like to apply liner on them. So, I start my liner on the end of the eye. As eyeliner I will use the same glittery blue liquid lipstick, applied with a Zoeva 322 brush.

Step #7: We can now remove the tape and, if necessary, make some adjustments using concealer to perfect the wing. Then, I will blend the line from the liquid wing into the waterline with a dark blue eyeshadow.

Step #8: Next, I apply Moonstone in my inner corner to add some brightness. Feel free to apply mascara, concealer, and to finish the rest of your face.

And our duochrome graphic look is done! Now, we are ready to take some selfies, to go out for drinks, or to simply watch some Netflix in our PJs. There’s no reason you can’t look fancy just because you’re staying in tonight.

I hope you love this tutorial! If you try it out, please tag us on Instagram (@dear.darkling). We’d love to see your looks!

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