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Makeup Tutorial: Michael Hussar Creature Feature by Bex

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Hello again, darklings! We’re going to kick off the spookiest month of the year with a look inspired by one of our favorite artists: Michael Hussar! His haunting paintings have fascinated me for a long time with their distinctive makeup looks, so I was dying to bring you the look I would wear if I were lucky enough to belong in the Hussar universe.

“Twink.” Property of Michael Hussar.

Once again we’re going to start the look with faux bleach brows. We’ve seen the process in previous tutorials here, but in case you’re new to the blonde brows here’s a really helpful video by the amazing Steffanie Strazzere who follows pretty much the same steps as I do:

Step #1: Line the waterline with Melt’s pencil in Ambrosia. Disclaimer: This is a lip liner but I’ve been using it on my eyes for months without any issue; however, red pigments behave differently on everyone, so be careful if your eyes/skin tend to get irritated by them. You might want to use another liner that works for you (black will look nice too with this look).

Step #2: With a fluffy brush, start working Sugarpill’s Love+ all over the crease. There’s no need to put this shade on the actual lid since we will be covering it with black later. Don’t be shy smoking out the red! Dip the brush on the shade Velvet from the Metal Matte palette (or a similar red if you didn’t score this limited edition palette) and add some definition to the inner corner, blending it down to give the impression of dark circles under the eye.

Step #3: With a small pencil brush and some black eyeshadow (I used Melt’s Dark Matter), draw the shape of the new eyelid. Hussar’s characters often have deep set eyes with a slight droopiness that give them some level of sadness. I tried to recreate that with this particular shape, but you can do whatever you like. Bold wings, crosses, tears… get creative! Once you’re happy with the outline, use a bigger eyeshadow brush to fill it in with more black shadow.

Step #4: Add some highlights to the center of the lid with the shade Skull (white) from the Pastel Goth palette, or your favorite white eyeshadow if you didn’t snag the Pastel Goth palette in time.

Step #5: Line the shape of the new eyelid with Kat Von D Beauty’s Tattoo liner.

Step #6: Add some more black eyeshadow to add depth to the shape.

Step #7: Blood tears are common in his paintings so we are going to add one to one eye. With a small brush and a tiny amount of black eyeshadow, draw the shape of a tear. Define it with more of the KVD tattoo eyeliner and fill it in with the shade Swoon from the Better Together palette. Add some more black eyeshadow to add some volume to the tear, and finish it by adding some highlights with the NYX white liquid liner.

Step #8: With that same white liquid liner, add a bunch of highlights to the whole design.

Step #9: Time to add some definition to the face! With a blush brush, contour your cheekbones with Sugarpill’s Love+, connecting the apples of your cheeks to the red we have on the eyes. Add that same red to the tip of your nose too. Contour the back of your cheekbones using the dark shades on the Lunatick Cosmetics’ Contour Book Vol 1. Some white liquid liner highlights here and there will help the look!

Step #10: The Hussar lips are probably the most recognizable feature of the look: BIG, juicy, and mesmerizing. We’ll start by drawing the desired shape with a small lip brush and a small amount of the KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira. Don’t worry too much about the application or the shade. It doesn’t need to be particularly opaque at this point, as this will just be our guide.

Next I covered the lips with Lunatick Cosmetics’ Tainted Temptress lip slick and some touches of OCC’s Vintage liptar.

Finally add some of brush strokes of Lunatick’s Coven Cream where the light would naturally hit these huge lips to add some extra dimension.

Last but not least, some touches of that same NYX white liquid liner will make these lips look as Hussaresque as possible!

A few coats of mascara, lashes (I used Rouge and Rogue’s Luminara), a bit of fake nose blood if you like, and the look is complete!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did making it! Don’t forget to tag us (and myself) in your recreations. See you in the next one!

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