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Mixed Metal Magic: Talismanic Jewelry by Marcy Kentz

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For many of us, jewelry is more than just physical adornment. The pieces we wear hold meaning and power, a result of sentimental value, spiritual connection, intention, and symbolism. Our rings, necklaces, and earrings, especially those we wear daily, become important talismans to our strength and magic. Marcy Kentz is a jeweler who understands this mystical importance.

“A talisman is an object that contains magical properties providing good luck and protection. I believe that jewelry can be powerful. It can change the way a person feels on the inside and how they are perceived from the outside. The jewelry itself may not contain magical powers, but it can bring them out in the person who wears the piece and connects with it.”

She combines recognizable magical elements such as sacred geometry, moons, and eyes, with bats, skulls, claws, moths, and other darkling favorites to create earrings and necklaces that are as bold as they are beautiful.

Choosing a favorite from Marcy Kentz’s selection is a nearly impossible feat, but here’s a small selection of must-have pieces.

marcy kentz

These mixed metal earrings pack three whole inches of a symbolic magical punch. A slithering, silver serpent hangs from a triangle, followed by bronze moon phases and a small sparrow skull. Talisman Snake Earrings//$105

marcy kentz

This stunning layering piece features an icosahedron, a metaphysically powerful shape in the world of sacred geometry. It is comprised of twenty equilateral triangles and is associated with water and the sacral chakra. Wear this piece to facilitate creative flow and change. Icosahedron Sacred Geometry Necklace//$60+

marcy kentz

The all-seeing eye is a powerful symbol of protection, so this wearable art is perfect for those days when you’re feeling a little vulnerable. They are a powerful statement piece of bronze and sterling silver, with a shining gold mandala radiating out from the center. All Seeing Eye Mandala Earrings//$90

marcy kentz

We may be the most discerning of darklings, but when it comes down to it, we’re simple folk. A well-placed bat detail is our kryptonite. Combine it with a silver crescent moon and some 24k gold and we’re sold. Bat Wing Earrings//$90

marcy kentz

Perhaps one of Marcy’s spookier pieces, this necklace still isn’t lacking in magical significance. The death’s head moth is a representation of the never-ending cycle of life and death, serving as a memento mori of the natural world. Moons also represent a cycle by which all living things are affected, as well as the light to which moths are drawn. Skull Moth and Moon Phase Necklace//$85

marcy kentz

The eternal, or endless, knot is a powerful symbol of the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, the interweaving of spiritual path and the eternal continuum of the mind. In Marcy’s imagining, it takes the form of a snake, reminding us of the ouroboros. In your choice of bronze or sterling silver, each necklace is completed with a dangling stone, pyrite or labradorite, respectively. Eternal Knot Snake Pendant//$120+

marcy kentz

These earrings are a veritable feast of fantasy. Dragon scales, peacock feathers, and unicorn horns in oxidized silver dangle a whopping three and a half inches. Mothers of dragons and maidens of magic, you need these. Dragon Scale Earrings//$110

Shop Marcy’s full collection of talismanic jewelry on Etsy, but act fast; her shop will be closing at the end of September and won’t reopen until 2018. Keep up with her latest pieces, inspiration, and cats on Instagram.

All images property of Marcy Kentz.

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