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Mystic Armor: The New Fatale Jewelry Collection from Nyxturna

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Every now and again a favorite brand announces a collection, and so our obsessive stalking of their page begins. Nyxturna’s Mystic Armor is one of those collections; we’ve been hanging on to every teaser post with eager anticipation. When she finally announced the release date, we hurried to our calendars to make sure we’d be ready and waiting to snag these magical beauties.

Then imagine our elation when we were not only granted a sneak peek, but also given the opportunity to gain some insight from Fay, the creative force of a queer witch behind Nyxturna, on the inspiration and meaning behind this powerful new collection of jewelry.


At first glance, it’s very clear that these pieces are not for the faint of heart. They are not soft and dainty. They’re not for those who wish to hide their magic, but they are for those who dwell in the shadows. They are for practitioners of magic and creatures of the night. They are for those who look within themselves for something innately strong, and draw power from the world around them, both natural and man-made. They are for those who shroud themselves in dark layers, with peeks of leather and silver glimmering beneath soft cotton and delicate lace. They are for those who wander through old graveyards and find refuge amongst ancient trees. They are for those who say no to patriarchal standards and fascist control, and yes to self-love, self-preservation, queer empowerment, and magical activism. They are for those who arm themselves, both physically and spiritually. They are sharp edges and fierce daggers; powerful symbols and mystical amulets. As the name suggests, they are nothing short of armor.


“I had spent a lot of time meditating on what it means for femmes, queers, trans folx, POC and other minorities to navigate our current climate, and ways to protect and adorn ourselves that serve multiple purposes. Personally, I always feel safer the second I slip my Lvnar Claw ring onto my finger and leave the house. Certain pieces feel like talismans to me, or even worry stones.”

There is a very clear architectural inspiration behind this collection, particularly the Hallowed Cathedral pieces. Fay spent a considerable amount of time in Scotland, wandering ancient cathedrals, runic castles, and overgrown graveyards. She was particularly struck by the stunning houses of worship that she had dreamt of her whole life, with their stained glass windows, sky high towers, and Gothic architecture. You can see this admiration throughout each piece.

She also drew from medieval armory, as the title, Mystic Armor, suggests. Each ring, necklace, and earring is meant to bring protection and strength. They are physical armor, with their sharp points and edges, just as much as they are symbolic magickal armor.

The architectural elements seen throughout the collection are traditionally Gothic, and their source traditionally Christian. Fay has reinterpreted these traditions through occult imagery and symbols of witchcraft to add an element of magickal protection. Lunar phases, pentacles, and triple goddess symbols are all meant to “skew the typical & dogmatic perceptions of a ‘house of worship’ to a more magickal point of view.”

“I wanted to create pieces that paid homage to my favorite bits of architecture from my personal journey, while also shielding and protecting the wearer.”



Each piece is handcrafted and cast in shining sterling silver by Fay herself. Eleven designs in total comprise a stunning collection of talismans. A nearly impossible task, we chose a few of our favorites.

Moonphases & Rune Necklace


First taking form as an altar tile, and then a bestselling enamel pin, this design is a Nyxturna staple. Meant to be a protective shield, this necklace will quickly become a piece that you wear everyday. The moon phases and beautiful Elder Futhark runes are classic magical symbols to connect with and draw power from, and serve as a reminder of the inevitability of change.

Fatale Ring


Inspired by femmes fatale throughout history, this ring is a veritable wearable weapon, a nod to the history of jewelry as cloaked weaponry. This piece stacks perfectly with the other rings in the collection, combining to create an undeniably powerful impact.

Sacred Invocation Ring


Cast from a vintage ring and reimagined with a new dose of magic, this ring is reminiscent of ornate armor and sacred talismans, worn by powerful queens in vast castles. The ring is set with moonstone, a healing, protective, and calming stone.

Gothic Warrior Sword Necklace


If you’ve been a fan of Fay’s for any period of time, you’ll know that she has a deep love for swords, daggers, and all forms of ancient weaponry. This specific sword has featured in several past designs, and now it is brought to life in gleaming silver, with a decorate webbed hilt inspired by cathedral archways.

Divine Planchette Ring


The planchette is a recognizable shape often associated with spiritualism and communication with those in other realms. Fay has reimagined this tool of the spirit world, adding gothic details and the triple goddess symbol, an appropriate representation of transition.

The Mystic Armor: Fatale Collection launches today, September 26, at 6 pm EST and will be available on Nyxturna’s website. The quantities are limited, so act quickly. Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well to keep up with all her latest magickal workings. 


All images property of Nyxturna and are not to be used without her permission. Models are Alexandra O and Kevin Whiteneir Jr.


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Haleigh is a lover of all things dark and magical. She works in fashion, and is the co-founder of Babe Coven. Follow her on IG to keep up with her latest darkling musings and desires, her all black everything wardrobe, and no shortage of cat photos.

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