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New Wave to the Grave: The New Wave Tarot by LastCraft

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New Wave Tarot by LastCraft

The New Wave Tarot deck, created by the brilliant LastCraft Designswill definitely have you feeling spellbound! Inspired by new wave, post-punk, and synth-pop music, this witty deck includes the likes of Morrissey, Siouxsie Sioux, Ian Curtis, and Gary Numan among many other musical idols. Maintaining the edgy vibe presented by this deck, the minor arcana is comprised of tea cups for cups, eyeliner for wands, LP records for disks or pentacles, and microphones for swords.

The back of the cards feature a gloriously 80s influenced, monochromatic design made up of a singular rose and geometric lines.

Backside of the New Wave Tarot

The art style of the cards keeps things interesting by being constructed with digital collages, usually centered around a new wave icon, and including some tongue-in-cheek designs. The Judgement card, for example, takes on the quintessential and defining goth question, The Cure or The Smiths? by featuring both Morrissey and Robert Smith. The deck is about the same size as a pack of playing cards, which means they are easy to handle, even if your hands are on the smaller side. Included with the deck is a small guide that contains a brief description of the card meanings and the name of the artist who appears in the art.

Nine of Disks, Judgement, Two of Swords, and King of Cups cards

Most importantly, some of the most badass women of punk are accounted for in the deck. Patricia Morrison, Debbie Harry, Nina Hagen, Poly Styrene, and Kate Bush hold their own among many other legendary artists. Since the term “New Wave” is very broad, the wide variety of musicians and artists showcased in these cards makes this an exceptionally multifarious deck while staying true to traditional tarot themes.

The minor arcana.

Between the visually engaging collages and the suits that couldn’t be more appropriate for the theme, it’s evident a lot of thought was put into the design process. The attention to detail in this deck is outstanding. The result is a positively spellbinding visual experience, especially when working with them. It’s clever and enticing, so if you’re on the fence or undecided about this unique deck,  just add to it your cart. We guarantee you won’t have anything else like it. This deck would be a great addition to the collections of both tarot enthusiasts and the 80s music aficionados alike.

You can order the second version of this deck on LastCraft’s website, here.

All images property of Casey Jennings.

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