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No More Ugly Mugs: Darkling Drinkware for All Your Badass Brews

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Everyone needs a good mug. Whether it’s your morning pick-me-up or an evening cup of chamomile, a warm mug in the hand is a sure sign you’ve brewed up something special. While we all have a few random “World’s Greatest Juggler” mugs laying around (you don’t?), a new favorite or two in the cupboard might be just the thing to give cider season a proper welcome. You can’t drink that special new tea out of just any old cup, can you? We’ve got you covered with 11 lovely mugs for all your beverage needs.

Bug Mug


Photo by Weird & Wonderful Ceramics

Kick the fall off right with warm cider and creepy crawlies. Weird and Wonderful Ceramics//$13.69

Never Trust the Living Mug


Photo by Blackcraft Cult

Truer words were never spoken. They also have great selection of mugs for anyone with Satan riding shotgun. Blackcraft Cult//$18

Witch Symbol Talisman Mug


Photo by Forgotten Fern

This mug is enchanted so that you’ll never misplace your tea. Just kidding, there’s no magic strong enough to stop that from happening. Forgotten Fern//$25

Witch City Mug


Photo by Hauswitch

If you’re going to have a cabinet full of souvenir mugs, they might as well be witchy. Hauswitch//$13

Monsters in the Garden Mug


Photo by Sheila Rayyan

What goes great with flowers and herbal tea? Monsters, of course. Mother Spoon Studio//$50



Photo by Meg Brown

Meg Brown Ceramics has a lovely, empowering array of drinkware. Here we have the beautiful “BUTTS” mug, because everyone feels a bit cheeky sometimes. Meg Brown Ceramics//$30

Wunderkammer Mug


Photo by Redbubble

A curious little piece. The perfect memento mori for your morning. Fabio Mancini via Redbubble//$15.25

Wet Moon Stein in Sea Willow


Photo by One Eleven Pottery

Tea, coffee, love potion? It doesn’t matter what you put in this mug, it makes everything seem just a bit more magical. One Eleven Pottery//$48

Eva the Witch Mug


Photo by Lupe Flores

Black Willow Gallery is full of magical goodness and hollow-eyed beauties. But with Eva the Witch, it can be Halloween every day. Just what we’ve always wanted. Black Willow Gallery//$18

Radiant Heart Mug


Photo by Crooked Curiosities

The perfect vessel for that fresh-from-the-vein AB Positive in the evening. Crooked Curiosities//$25

Black Skull Mug


Photo by RoTrend

Necromancers and super villains need coffee, too. RoTrend//$23.39

Featured image courtesy of Forgotten Fern.


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