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Smile! Dental Oddities for the Teeth Obsessed

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Teeth. So simple, yet so complex. They help give us a radiant smile when we’re happy, and make us look fierce when we’re angry. They are used by scientists to tell us about our past, and have been used by spiritualists to predict the future. They grind our food and help nourish us, and last a lifetime…and beyond. They’re beautiful, and they’re creepy. Take a virtual visit with us through our own little dental cabinet of curiosities.

Single Tooth Ornate Ring

Yes, they’re real. Image via Extollo Jewelry

Each ring features a real (and ethically-sourced) human molar, making it as one-of-a-kind as you are. The detailed gothic-style setting and band is hand-wrought sterling silver. Extollo Jewelry//$60

Vintage Dental Diagram of Teeth, in Black, Grey, Brown Framed Art Print

Subtly morbid. Image via madzakka

This classy and charming print is available in a variety of sizes and with your choice of frames. SØciety6/madzakka//$35+

Horror Fan Gothic Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dish

The toothbrush holder would also be great for makeup brushes. Image via Gloom Matter Store

Every room in the house must be spooky. It’s in the darkling handbook. Bring your lavatory up to snuff with these grungy-looking accessories. They are cast from the artist’s hand-carved molds out of chip-resistant concrete. They may just last longer than your chompers. Horror Fan Gothic Toothbrush Holder//$28 and Soap Dish with Teeth//$28

Vintage Dental School Manikin Head

Have fun sleeping tonight. Image via Agent Gallery

Put one of these on your coffee table, and we guarantee no one will fuck with you. Comes complete with teeth and stand. Agent Gallery//$545

Custom Made Tooth Memory Pendant

Something to remember them by. Image via Studiodragonfly19

Unsure what to do with your kid’s baby teeth, or the set you pulled from that guy tied up in your basement? Send them to Studiodragonfly19, pick a chain and flake color, and let artist Marla Lindner do the rest. She will create a one-of-a-kind resin memory pendant for you. Studiodragonfly19//$70

Tooth Fairy Collection Jar

What will you keep inside? Image via Petite Grotesque

We know what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth. She puts them in jars just like this. Resin with realistic-looking acrylic teeth. Petite Grotesque//$33.99

Real Dental X-rays

Dental porn. Image via Cinnamon Girl Stuff

There has to be a hell of a weird craft project you could do with these. Creative scrapbooking has never been more twisted. A selection of 25 or more authentic dental x-rays in assorted sizes. Cinnamon Girl Stuff//$8.50

Beeswax Molar Candle

This will look great next to your skull candle. Image via Catfish Creek Candles

Disproving that teeth don’t burn. This candle is handmade from unscented 100% beeswax with a cotton wick. Catfish Creek Candles//$10

Acrylic Denture Teeth Earrings

“Ear teeth” are totally a thing, right? Image via Necrology

Designed and handmade by fine artist Patricia Benitez, these stud-style pierced earrings are a unique addition to anyone’s jewelry wardrobe. Necrology//$15

Bronze Resin Human Teeth Cast

The next time someone tells you to “smile,” pull these out of your pocket. Image via I Sell You Love In a Box 

Add this to your cabinet of curiosities. This cast is made by a special effects artist from the UK. The upper and lower bridges are cast from the same person, so they will match up. I Sell You Love In Box//$34.60

Denture Hair Combs Pair

No Poligrip required. Image via Concave Oblivion

These awesome hyperrealistic hair combs are handcrafted from real denture acrylic and polished to a high shine. Check out the shop’s denture bracelets, rings (with or without braces), and iPhone cases while you’re looking. Concave Oblivion//$55

Dentist –Vintage Dental Extracting Forceps Fine Art Print by Lee Dos Santos

The art of dentistry. Image via Lee Dos Santos

The best art should make you shudder a bit. This beautiful black and white photo comes in a variety of print media options to suit your taste. Fine Art America//$28+

Wool Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow

Why do the teeth have teeth?! Image via Midnight Mouse Designs

Is it just me, or are these the freakiest-looking things on this list? Delight and/or terrify the kids with these creepy-cute handmade felt tooth fairy pillows, or add one to your scary plushie collection. Midnight Mouse Designs//$15

Feature image via Agent Gallery

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