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Otherwordly: Bex’s Favorite Green Lipsticks

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Hello darklings! This week I’m bringing you something a little different. To correspond with the giveaway of my five favorite green lipsticks, I am going to take this chance to tell you a bit about each shade, the amazing cruelty-free and vegan brands behind them, and why they’re a must-have for any alien goddess.

green lipsticks

Segunda Plaga by Necromancy Cosmetica

All the way from Puerto Rico, indie brand Necromancy Cosmetica brings some of the most unique shades in their handmade, vegan and cruelty-free matte lipsticks. From the beautiful golden shade Ancient Queen to the classic red of Bitchwitched, they have all your matte lipstick needs covered! This froggy green won my heart from the very beginning and remains one of my favorite shades. I own many green lipsticks but none with the warmth and slight greyish undertones of Segunda Plaga. A must!

They also happen to be incredible people and use their platform to promote cruelty-free values and fellow small businesses. Recently they came out with this stunning tote bag called The Familiars, with half of the profits going to help stray cats in their hometown of Rio Piedras. The bag sold out quickly but they expect it to be back in stock by March 10th, don’t miss it this time!

Plan 9 by Kat Von D Beauty

green lipsticks

Plan 9//$21

It is probably no surprise to any makeup lover with an interest for the dark side that Kat Von D would make an appearance on this list. Over the past few years her brand has mastered the formulas of many products, including lipstick! Their comfortable long-lasting wear and delicious crème brûlée scent will win your darkling heart over with the first swipe.

I must also mention that her Studded Kiss lipsticks come in one of the coolest looking packaging designs in the market, and with 42 different shades (so far!) to choose from, I guarantee you will find your perfect color among them. Plan 9 does it for me. Described as a deep sea-foam green, this lipstick is one of my favorite shades for creepy blurred out looks. It blends beautifully and has a very subtle shimmer that enhances the curves of your lips like magic.

Blow by Melt Cosmetics

green lipsticks


My very first green lipstick! I purchased this baby back in 2014 and I haven’t looked back since. The pigmentation of Melt’s products is out of this world, even more so in this stunning deep green shade. One swipe and you’re good to go; the type of matte lipstick that would last on your lips through an actual apocalypse.

They also offer a really great variety of colors, appropriate for any occasion. From unique shades like Space Cake (stunning grey) and DOGAF (metallic blue) to the whole nude Prime Rose collection, in case bold lips aren’t always your thing, Melt has something for everyone.

U4EA by Sugarpill Cosmetics

green lipsticks


Moving toward the more ‘teal’ side of the green spectrum we find this new shade by Sugarpill. As a long-time fan of their eyeshadows I was excited to try their new Pretty Poison range of lipsticks, and they did not disappoint! U4EA is one of those rare shades that looks different on every person, but always flattering. Matte, comfortable, highly pigmented and it comes in the type of cute packaging that could melt even the coldest goth heart. What more could we ask for?

Well, how about this:

green lipsticks

These new shades debuted at IMATS but are still not for sale, unfortunately. We’ll keep you posted!

Creature by Lunatick Cosmetics Lab

green lipsticks


Last but not least, the only liquid lipstick of this bundle.

Famous for their contour book and the original bullet-shaped lipsticks, LCL deserve more attention for coming out with these so-called Lip Slicks! Available in a wide variety of colors, they have a creamy consistency and do not dry down to the so very popular matte finish, but their formula is still pretty impressive and long-lasting. Similar to OCC’s Lip Tar, these liquid lipsticks give you a totally opaque pigmentation and shiny finish without the sticky feeling of a lip gloss. Also, as they state on their website, a little goes a long way!

In terms of color, Creature is like the glossier sister of Melt’s Blow, deeper and darker than some of the other lipsticks. A true forest green indeed.

Would you rock any of these lipsticks? If so, which one is your favourite shade? I’d love to know what you think, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway (ends March 11th)!

All images property of Bex Lecter.

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