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All Of Them Patches: 16 Patches for Your Battle Vest

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We look at an unadorned jacket or tote bag like we would a blank canvas. It doesn’t matter where it came from, or the condition it’s in — anything can always be made better and more interesting by darkening it up a little… or a whole lot.
What better (and easier) way to personalize than by adding a bunch of patches? Attach them to everything from jackets to pants to hats — they can easily be sewn on, some are iron-on, or they can even be attached with safety pins. Regardless of which kind you’re looking for… we’ve got your back.

Witch Out For Each Other

Image via Hagclub

Watch and Witch out for each other, okay? hagclub//$6.27

Witch Finger

Image via HolyKrak

Soft, spoopy, AND absolutely adorable. HolyKrak//$14


Image via Killstar


Gesundheit! Allergic to bullshit? Yeah, we are, too. Killstar//$24.00

Black Magic Scary Cat

Image via Monsterologist

That old black magic has me in its spell
That old black magic that you weave so well… Monsterologist//$8.00+

Witch Please

Image via shargreavesART

Show off your no-nonsense witchy side.  shargreavesART//$4.17


Lola Back Patch

Image via Memento Mori Goods

“She is like a cat in the dark and then
She is the darkness.”
One can never have too many cats, and this one GLOWS in the dark.  Memento Mori Goods//$25

Hex the Patriarchy

Image via This Bloody Sabbath

Can’t decide which one you want? Hex the patriarchy to the power of three. ThisBloodySabbath//$20

Live Deliciously

Image via Woe & Shucks

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Yes, please. Woe & Shucks//$4

La Mort

Image via Horse & Hare

The Death card in tarot represents endings, beginnings, transformation/transition. An ideal choice for transforming the back of your jacket from blah to YEAH! Horse & Hare//$15

Danger Drank

Image via patchdeadly

What’s your poison? Vodka? Coffee? Sugar? Arsenic? Either way, this one comes in either sew-on or iron-on. patchdeadly//$5+

It Book

Image via Loudmouth Threads

Constant Readers, proclaim your love for the King of Horror. This relatively diminutive patch is the perfect size to fit onto just about anything. Loudmouth Threads//$5

Moon Phases

Image via Poison Apple Printshop

It’s not just a phase. Poison Apple Printshop//$7

Alpine Long-Eared Bat

Image via Alcea Productions

A stunning replication of an original drawing of one of our favorite creatures of the night. Alcea Productions//$5

Hex Kitten

Image via KMsXco

Cute AND witchy? Shut up and take our money! KMsXco//$4

Shoulder Spike Trims

Image via FashionTrims

This patch is a little different from the others, but then again, so are we. Add a pair to the shoulders of your favorite jacket, or buy a whole bunch and spike ALL the things. FashionTrims//$6.29/pair

Grand Daughters of Witches

Image via ButchCraft2

Witches unite! ButchCraft2//$9

Featured image (L-R) via: patchdeadly, Horse & Hare, and HolyKrak.

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