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Playlist of the Month: Heavy Harvest Hymnals

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It’s that very special time of year; the leaves have just begun to turn and fall, the night air cuts with a crisp chill, and the moon hangs over her celebrating autumnal children. It is at this point many of us begin to feel a bit otherworldly, or at the very least more in-tune with the paranormal. There’s no better soundtrack for celebrating one’s inner occult nature than stoner metal. Heavy and haunted, grungy and gritty, stoner metal transforms even the most benign fall evenings into a playdate with demons.┬áPlug in this heavy playlist, pull on your warmest cloak, and even the simplest stride down a city street transforms into a saunter into the seventh level of Hell.

Cover photo by Ellen Rogers

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About The Author

Corinne is a designer, illustrator, body positive activist, dirty punk and avid internet user. When she's not trading art for entry into DIY shows or making Spotify playlists, she's working as the co-founder of Babe Coven, petting her cat or wailing on the drums.

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