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Pricks of the Month: 10 Enamel Pins for June

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Good reasons to own enamel pins:

1.You love supporting small artists by purchasing beautiful miniature weaponry.

2. You like to say things without having to engage your face holes.

3. You enjoy shiny things, and are, in fact, a magpie.

Regardless of your reason for adorning everything you own with little stabby bits of joy, in this article you’ll find enough witchcraft, queerness (hey, it’s Pride month! YAAAAAAS), doom, gloom, and decay to last you another month. Maaaaaybe.

All Of Them Witches Pin

Image via Little Star Things.

Play that across a triple word space and you’re golden, babe. Little Star Things//$13.28

La Muerte Pin

Image via Valfre.

First thought: Ohhh, nice interpretation of the Lotería card! Second thought: Where can we find this outfit? Is it a onesie? Does the cape detach? Valfre//$12

Queer Magic Pin

Image via Grrrlspells.

All queer people are issued one copy of the Standard Book of Big Gay Spells, along with our secret decoder rings and action plan for the Gay Agenda. But shhhhh. We can’t let this information reach the general public, or they’ll stop electing us to office. Grrrlspells//$8.03

Relax Pin

Dye your hair crazy colors. Wear the sexy crop top. Eat the whole cake. Take a road trip that ends up involving two koalas and a ridiculous amount of eucalyptus. SEIZE THE DAMN DAY, DARLING. Heather Bailey Tattoo//$8

Village Witch Pin

Image via Kaylee Pinecone.

“I’m the Village Witch! I’m here to curse your crops and kiss all your women!” Yes, good. Kaylee Pinecone//$12

Please Kill My Enemies Pin

Image via Silver Sprocket.

When pleading for the smiting of others by the Almighty, it’s important to use your best manners. Silver Sprocket//$10

Hell Is Other People Pin

This pin is great. The card it comes on is great. Other people? Not so great. Miles To Go Clothing//$10+

Night Creatures Pin

Image via Manière Noire.

This is a preorder, and will be shipping in late June. However, if you need the cutest little kitty in the cutest little coffin RIGHT NOW, there are seconds available in the shop (and they’re on sale!). Manière Noire//$12.34

Grin Reaper Pin

Image via Crovvulf.

Smile when you feel like it. Y’know, like while you’re standing over the slowly cooling body of a misogynist. Crovvulf//$12

Pray The Gay To Stay Pin

Image via Butch and Sissy.

If you’re getting down on your knees all alone, you might as well ask for something really good. Butch and Sissy//$10

Featured images (L-R) via: Little Star ThingsKaylee Pinecone, and Butch and Sissy.

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About The Author

Editor-in-chief Alex Moehagen is a crafty and queer artist and writer who lives with her miniature pet Yetis in the frozen Northern Wastes. She's also the owner of Little and Grim Soap Company, the manager of The Poisoners Guild, and thinks boredom is the only sin. You can stalk her over on Instagram.

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