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Pricks of the Month: 14 Enamel Pins for October

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-clears throat-
As we prepare to climb from our throne of glittering orange skulls and begin bathing daily in pumpkin spice, we’re also prepping our jackets to be as autumnal as humanly possible. Our choices? Bats, blood, and babes.

Bat Enamel Pin

Image via Dennis Hansbury.

We’re easing into the Halloween season with another pin to add to our #allbateverything aesthetic. Sometimes simple is the way to go. Dennis Hansbury//$13

Candy Corn Triple Goddess Pin

Image via Cory Benhatzel.

Yeah, it’s cool to hate on candy corn these days, but those of us who remain devoted to the tricolor glory need a way to recognize one another. Enter this pin. Cory Benhatzel//$8

Drippy Blood Enamel Pins

Images via Mo Pins.

MoPins has a great selection of spooky pins, including these great blood drips that come in standard gore or glitter dribbles. Wouldn’t they be great atop a cravat? Mo Pins//$10 each

Ghost in a Jar Pins

Images via Sprinkle Bat.

Something in this ghost’s expression tells us they may not have been ethically sourced. They do glow in the dark, though, if that helps ease your conscience any. Sprinkle Bat//$10 each

Deadly Axe Lapel Pin

Image via Two Ghouls Press.

This pin might be the most clever, least dull usage of the Overlook carpet pattern we’ve seen in a while. Two Ghouls Press//$10

Kawaii Black Ouija Nuggets

Image via Bright Bat Design.

Not only do these pins have one of the cutest names we’ve ever typed out, they’re just dripping in adorable. Occult toe beans? We’re interested. Bright Bat Design//$10 each or $25/all three

Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Pin

Image via Skulduggery Co.

We’re always at home to Mr. Halloween Kitsch, and this little folksy pumpkin is ringing our doorbell. Skulduggery Co.//$9

Flying Bat Collar Pin Set

Image via Baublesaurus.

We aren’t kidding about #allbateverything. Bats on your coat. Bats on your collar. Bats on your panties, because WHY NOT. Baublesaurus//$22

Baby Vampire Bats Enamel Pins

These darling, Kewpie-like vampire babies would be the perfect angels on your shoulders this October. “Go ahead, pick up a few more skull candles,” they’d say. “You deserve it.” Stacey Martin Tattoos//$23

The Girls of Arachne Pin Set

Image via Steph Buscema Mart.

Steph Buscema is the artist behind Kitschy Witch Designs, a company we’ve had a crush on since FOREVER. We loved this pair of spider-woman pins so much that we’re giving away a set later this month! Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for more details. Or just pick up a pair yourself, before they’re gone. Steph Buscema Mart//$20

Featured image via Steph Buscema Mart.

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