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Pricks of the Month: 12 Enamel Pins for August

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Some people live by the rule of “remove one thing from your outfit before you leave the house.” Us? Not so much. Fuck “less is more.” More is more. So for our August pin round-up, we’ve scrounged up twelve multi-pin sets to help you get a few steps closer to being completely covered in shinies. Split them up between you and your friends, or hoard them all for yourself like the phantasmic dragon you are.

Yes & No Hand Set

yes no hands set

Photo by Punky Pins

Kitchsy and witchy, the only thing this set’s missing is a “maybe so.” Wear both and high-five yourself. Punky Pins//$12

Skeleton Kiss Set

white rose skulls

Photo by Kissing Corpses

Dear Darkling favorite Kissing Corpses makes our list again with this darling skeletal heart set. Perfect for your shirt collar, or gift one to your favorite flesh-covered skellington. Kissing Corpses//$12

Gothic Literature Set

gothic lit set

Photo by Literary Emporium

With quotes and imagery from Frankenstein, Dracula, Wuthering Heights, and “The Raven,” this pin set has more bookworm cred than a basketful of librarians. The pins are also available individually. Literary Emporium//$28

Nip Slip Set

Nip slip set

Photo by Otherwild

It’s not a malfunction if you do it on purpose. Working Girls via Otherwild//$16

Repose en Paix Set

Repose en paix set

Photo by Witchsy

Based on cemetery iconography, this three piece set is dark and lovely, just like the grave. Nothing Pins via Witchsy//$25

Candy Corn Set

Candy Corn set

Photo by Seventh Fury

Little known fact: Candy corn is sentient, self-replicating, and prone to lurking in the bottom of the treat basket. Waiting. Waiting for blood. Seventh Fury//$25

Winged Severed Hands Set

Winged hands set

Photo by Cultural Void

Bloody winged hands for days when you don’t give a flying fuck. So, always. Cultural Void//$15

Pear of Anguish and The Branks Set

Pear of Anguish and The Branks set

Photo by Witchsy

The designer of these detailed pins says, “I drew some speech-inhibiting torture devices as metaphors for emotional abuse and thought they made good pins, too.”


Moon of Retribvtion via Witchsy//$14

Strange and Unusual Set

Strange and Unusual set

Photo by Band of Weirdos

Probably the perfect best friends forever set. We’ll leave you to figure out who’s who. Band of Weirdos//$16

Busted Set

Busted set

Photo by Half Serious Design

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but they make for darling pins. Half Serious Design//$13

Mutant Set

Mutants set

Photo by Off White Lies Co

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Off White Lies Co//$20

The Great Work Alchemical Set

Alchemy set

Photo by Strix Publishing

Are your arcane experiment robes looking a little drab? Do you find yourself stopping mid-calcination to bemoan the plainness of your best leather duster? Fear not! This 9 piece set lets the rest of the Hermetics know you’re the hostess with the gnosis. Strix Publishing//$96

Super Surprise Bonus! 7mm Pin Keeper Backers

Pin Keeper Backers

Photo by Witchsy.

For pin aficionados, there’s nothing worse than realizing one of your pretties popped off your jacket while you flew your broom across the night sky. Enter these handy pin backers: they tighten down with an allen wrench and keep your pins where you want ’em. Yesterdays via Witchsy//$10

Featured image by Strand Book Store via Band of Weirdos.

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