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Pricks of the Month: 13 Enamel Pins for June

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By the pricking of our thumbs, something tells us it’s time for our monthly enamel pin round-up. For June, we’re sinking into flowers, bones, and one of our favorite sins (pride). You may have put away your jackets for the season, but these pins don’t care. Scatter a few across the bust of your tank dress. Pop them onto your purse strap. Ring your most Lydia Deetz-y sun hat in shiny little drops of spookiness, and remind the beach bunnies that beach bats are just as cute.

Glow Ouija Pin


Photo by Memento Mori Goods.

Starting off our list with a bang is this beaut from Memento Mori Goods. Talk about a heavy hitter: the tiny planchette slides across the board, the whole thing glows in the dark, and you can train it to call your shady-as-fuck ex at midnight, claiming to be the rageful ghost of Elizabeth Bathory (no guarantee on that last one). Memento Mori Goods//$13

Butch is Beautiful Pin


Photo by Gimme Flair.

June is LGBTQA Pride month. Here’s to all our butches, near and far. You’re beautiful and we love you. Butch & Sissy via Gimme Flair//$10

Baphomet Ave Satanas Pin


Photo by Kissing Corpses.

Kissing Corpses makes our list again with their clean lines and slick design. You don’t have to be a Satanist to appreciate a gorgeous androgynous goat-person with kissable lips and a fabulous beard. Kissing Corpses//$11

Forever Ever Pin


Photo by Chris Bourke Art.

“Forever? Forever ever? Forever ever?

Well sure. At least until it stops being fun. Chris Bourke Art//$11.45

Babe Gang Knuckle Tattoo Pin


Photo by Babe Gang Patches.

Get one for you. Get some for your best friends. Get one for your mom and one for your nana. All for one, one for all. Let’s kick some ass, ladies. Babe Gang Patches//$10

Future Ghost Pin


Photo by Creepy Company.

These wee little spooky sprites are just too precious. Look at the little mouth that the “T” makes! And hey, they come in glitter or glow in the dark finishes, so people will finally be able to tell you apart from your evil twin! Creepy Company//$9

Flower Power Pin


Photo by J Brager.

“Yeah, it’s… a flower. Because I’m a…  gardener.” J Brager//$12

Open Corpses Anatomical Pin Set


Photo by Demonic Pinfestation.

These are available individually, but don’t you kinda want them all? The Venus pin has a movable torso that swings aside, showing off her pretty pink parts. Cooler than a fidget spinner. Demonic Pinfestation//$40

Calla Lillies Raven Pin


Photo by Zetallis.

We can’t even think of anything funny to say here. This pin is a beautiful illustration with striking colors, perfect lines, and lovely contrast. It’d look awesome on a summer dress. Are we wrong? Didn’t think so. Zetallis//$12.99

Glitter Tits Lapel Pin


Photo by Witchsy.

This sexy pin does more than just sparkle on your collar. It also donates money to Planned Parenthood every time it’s purchased. What can’t boobs do, eh? Rainbow Feather via Witchsy//$12

H.P. Lovecraft Pin


Photo by Gimme Flair.

“Howard, why do you always wear that yellow ribbon around your neck?” Jenni’s Prints via Gimme Flair//$12

Time Is Ticking Pin


Photo by KWT Designs.

We’re really loving this tattoo flash inspired pin, from its saturated colors to its adorable little blood drop dangles. Apparently “pins that move” is the unofficial theme this month. KWT Designs//$12

Dykes For Satan Pin


Photo by NYXTURNA.

We weren’t supposed to say anything, but with it being pride month and all… We are, you know. All of us. AND WE’RE COMING FOR YOUR WIVES. Nxyturna//$12

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