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Protect Your Neck: Scarves to Ward Off Winter’s Bite

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Fall is well upon us, and winter is fast approaching. That cold wind moaning through the trees means it’s time to start bundling up before venturing out. Here are a few warm and stylish scarves to help you make a statement while keeping the cold at bay:

Don’t Touch Me Scarf

Image via Sourpuss

Some people love hugs. Some people don’t. This is a scarf for anyone in the latter category. Sourpuss//$18

Skull Scarf

Image via MIowlets

Red and black stripes are always eye-catching, but look closer and you’ll see those stripes are actually rows of adorable little skulls. MIowlets//$45

Scarf Batwings

Image via Flez

There’s nothing warmer than the soft embrace of a giant pair of bat wings. Flez//$35.04

Witchy Hat Hooded Scarf

How about a two-for-one deal? This soft, warm scarf doubles as a pointy witch hood, to protect your ears from snowflakes or swooping bats, depending on where your winter travels take you. Dark Nature Creations//$37.75

Krampus the Christmas Devil Scarf

Image via Middle of Beyond

We totally agree that it’s much too early to start heralding in the Christmas season, but we are willing to make an exception for Krampus. Middle of Beyond//$29.99

The Ghost House Storyteller Scarf

Image via Cloven

Simple yet elegant, this soft gray scarf will contrast nicely with autumnal leaves and is the color of a wintry sky. Cloven//$46

Felted Ruffle Scarf

Image via Gala Filc

This flamboyant scarf, with Countess Bathory vibes, exudes drama, whether you’re making an entrance at a winter ball or looking to feel fancy as you step out for a coffee run. Gala Filc//$62.11

Witchy Tarot Card Infinity Scarf

Image via House of Dogbert

This cute infinity scarf, featuring a bold, arcane card pattern that pops, can be worn both indoors and out. House of Dogbert//$19.99

Damask Skull Scarf

Fleece and skulls are two good things that go great together. This soft scarf features an embroidered skull crest that’s sure to add an accent to your fall ensemble. MTcoffinz Underground//$18

Creepy Cat Eyes Infinity Scarf

Image via StylishGeek

Now you can take the magic of being constantly watched by your favorite feline with you everywhere thanks to this cute infinity scarf! StylishGeek//$18

Featured images (L-R) via MTcoffinz Underground, Gala Filc, and Cloven

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