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Retro Halloween Goods You Can Score Here And Now

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re fans of Halloween shwag of any flavor. There’s a special spot in our hearts (and living rooms) for goodies of the retro variety, though, be they authentic vintage pieces or modern recreations. Though many of us weren’t around for the original releases of decor by companies like Beistle, their unapologetically bold colors and bordering-on-goofy designs still make us bubble up like a cauldron full of nostalgia. We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite vintage-inspired pieces, from decor to wearables. Turn up “Monster Mash” and get ready to get spooky.

Glow in the Dark Mini Decorations

Photo via Archie McPhee.

So you’re on the bus, minding your own business, when suddenly an impromptu Halloween party breaks out (we’ve all been there). The drag queen to your left hefts her flask as the pair of beatboxers wiki-wiki out an a cappella version of “Werewolves of London,” and you’re wishing you had something to contribute. Thank goodness you had this adorable tin filled with miniature paper decorations! The day is saved. Good job, you. Archie McPhee//$7.50

Screech & Mr Moon Table Flicker Light

Are these two singing a duet? Having a deep conversation after a few drinks? Or is the cat like “OH SHIT I’M IN SPACE” and the moon is all “LOL”? We don’t really care. This table lamp based on a classic Beistle illustration would be fantastic as a year-round night light. Victorian Trading Co.//$12.99

1950’s Halloween Print Dress

Image via Silly Old Sea Dog.

One part glam and two parts spoopy, these retro styled dresses have the perfect 50s vibe for bringing out your inner slowly-poisoning-her-husband housewife. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, and y’all,Ā they glow in the dark. We’ll need a minute to calm ourselves. Silly Old Sea Dog//$130.80+

Fish Face Vac-Tastic Plastic Mask

Image via Retro-a-go-go.

What would a retro roundup be without some Ben Cooper? This mask arrives in a beautifully designed box that’s ready to hang on display. Or you can crack it open, slap it on your face, and run around the neighborhood like the heathen you are. Retro-a-go-go//$34.99

Werewolf Pin

Image via Pickled Punks.

Transform your pin collection with this unique wooden beastie. The rest of the line has already sold out, so get your four furry legs moving if you want to get a bite on this one. Pickled Punks//$9.98

Beistle Blind Box Plush Backpack Clip

Image via Creepy Company.

Ripping open these official BeistleĀ® blind boxes has all the fun of Halloween trick-or-treating, but without the danger of getting a toothbrush or a handful of pennies. Creepy Company//$6.99

Halloween Masks Bowler Purse

Image via Sourpuss.

What, were you just gonna carry around that plastic pumpkin candy bucket all month? This vinyl bag is slick, sexy, and still has plenty of pockets for candy. Sourpuss//$44

Halloween Hijinks Pillow

Image via Kitschy Witch.

Even though we just finished gushing about Kitschy Witch in our style guide, we’d never forgive ourselves if we didn’t include them in this retro roundup. Everything in their shop is amazing, but we’re partial to this pillow illustrating the “trick” side of “trick or treat.” Meet us by Old Man McRacist’s house. We’ll bring the TP. Kitschy Witch//$40

Antique Replica Scaredy Cat Mask

Plan: Smuggle to work inside your oversized purse. Wait until lunch time. Abscond to the restroom. Don mask. Return to work station and pretend nothing’s changed. Get fired. You didn’t need that stupid ol’ job anyhow.
Alternatively: hang it on your wall. Edyn Rashae Studios//$88

Midnite Spook Show Tee

Image via Zazzle.

“Ghosts sometimes leave the stage and sit with you in the audience!” *pats empty seat* Right here, darlin’. Zazzle//$25.70

Green Skull Earrings

Image via Faux Show Art.

Cloudy fall weather got you feeling a bit drab? Perk things up with these lightweight skull earrings. They’re the perfect poison apple green, and are always excited to see you. Faux Show Art//$10.50

Kewpie Devil Mug

Image via Sourpuss.

Kewpies were the original bodi-pos babes. And that plunging v-neck! YAS GIRL. Sourpuss//$12

Literally Everything Johanna Parker Does

Image via Johanna Parker.

We might talk a lot of shit in these lists, but you’d best believe we are deadly serious when we say that if you love retro Halloween, you NEED to check out Johanna’s work. A visit to her site nets you her kitschy, creepy prints on pillows, giftwrap, even furniture and wallpaper (!). Pick up one of her signed reproduction statuettes, or if you’re very lucky, snag an original. She’s also got DIY printables for when you need instant gratification. It’s all just. So. Perfect. Johanna Parker Design//Varies

Featured image via (L-R): Silly Old Sea Dog, Retro-A-Go-Go, and Johanna Parker Design.

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