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Rosemary’s Dream: A Collection for Your Little Monster’s Nursery

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If you’re a darkling, pink and baby blues might not do it for you as you prepare your baby bat’s nursery. If you’re striving to maintain your dark aesthetic but don’t know where to find kid-appropriate items, fret no more! We’ve got a round-up here for you with items that you absolutely need in your goth nursery. If you’re on the lookout for clothing pieces for your baby monster, check out our article on that too!

Black Convertible Crib

Image by I Want It Black

This crib can be converted to a number of larger bed options, so your monster is sure to be comfortable even as they grow. And, it’s black. Need we say more? I Want It Black//$219.99

Goth Baby Keepsake Box

Build memories that last! This beautiful box is ideal to store precious keepsakes for your little vampire to admire when they get older. AugustGlassDesigns//$31.08

Nanny Rocking Chair

Sika-Design’s Nanny rocking chair is truly a must-have for any goth nursery! We are in love with the overall vintage design and sturdy appearance of this piece. Finnish Design Shop//$692

Black Bats Nursery Mobile

Image by KraftynKatchy

Any baby needs this black bat mobile in their room. It’s the ultimate goth accessory, and there’s a variety of colors to choose from as well. KraftynKatchy//$85

Bat Stuffed Animal Plushie

Image by DoomedCreations

Even little demons need snuggles, and this guy is perfect to provide them. Every plushie comes with an adoption certificate, so your little one will have a sibling forever. DoomedCreations//$33.95

Spooky Haunted House Light Box

Image by BurntPixels

If your baby bat is afraid of the dark, this haunted house light box is here to help! You can also reach out to the Etsy shop for any customization you would like. BurntPixels//$50+

Dream Big Little One Embroidery Hoop

Embroidered decor is a unique way to add flair to any room; we love this one-of-a-kind adorable little embroidery hoop and think it’s a must-have! StitchesofAnarchy//$33.62

Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Blanket

Little monsters can never have enough blankets around the house. We love that there are a number of options available with this one, so you can make your nugget’s blanket as special as possible. DesignsbySugarbear//$37.99

Cute Halloween Ghost Artwork

We can’t get enough of how cute this little ghost is! This artwork is great for darkling parents who are looking to maintain a spooky vibe in the baby nursery without making it creepy. ElmundodeAnukDesigns//$5.79

Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Cradle

Image by That Home Stuff

We felt this gorgeous cradle with its detailed carving is worthy of an honorable mention. The whole thing is hand-crafted with love and will last your family for many generations to come! That Home Stuff//$205.48

Featured image courtesy of AugustGlassDesigns and StitchesofAnarchy.

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