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Runes, Rings, and Amulets: The Elegant Mysticism of Belladonna Noir

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There is an air of antique mystery surrounding Belladonna Noir‘s jewelry creations on Etsy. Handmade in Nagoya, Japan, by metalsmith Runa, these captivating creations feature wearable objets d’art in oxidized sterling silver and antiqued brass. Beautiful botanicals, magical looking glasses, and elegant pendant pieces are just part of the repertoire of this intriguing company. They have recently reopened after a post-winter holiday hiatus, and there are new pieces available in the Gift (German for “poison”) Series. Mandrake necklaces? Oh, yes!

Images via Belladonnanoir JP

New delights (L to R): Mandrake Necklace//$122.40; Single Mandrake Earring in sterling silver or brass (shown here with berries option)//$91.80 each

Image via @belladonna.noir

Namesake piece: Deadly Nightshade Ring, in sterling silver with black star gem//$122.40

Dangerous Beauty: Monkshood Earrings, available with sterling or titanium hooks//$106.15

In addition to the lovely Gift Series, Belladonna Noir has a solid back catalogue filled with pagan, Wiccan, and mysticism pieces. Check out their gorgeous and practical mirrored spell pendants and scrying rings. Unique rune jewelry adds a touch of magick to the mix. Celestial, skull, and gemstone jewelry can be enjoyed by all.

Looking forward: Fortune Mirror Pendant, shown here with Garnet option (cracked crystal is also available)//$188.60

Good impressions: Scrying Crystal Ball Ring in (L to R) Onyx, Crystal, and Garden Quartz//$81.60 each

Mix and match: Choose from four different runes for each ear. Rune Tree Earrings//$61.20 for a set of two

Your choice: Pharmakon Bottle Earring, available empty or with a choice of three herbal blends//$82.73

The handmade nature of the pieces means every single one is unique. Each piece of jewelry is made to order, rendered in exquisite detail, and carefully hand-finished, requiring up to three weeks of production time for each piece. We think they’re worth the wait! Belladonna Noir offers worldwide shipping, with items shipping from Japan. Custom sizing is available.

Yes, Pluto counts: Planet Ring (you choose) and Branch Midi-Ring Set//$74.61

Silver like the moon: Ritual’s Sickle Pendant Necklace//$74.46

Images via Belladonnanoir JP

Hidden beauty: Petroleum Quartz Lantern Single Earring, shown with (L) occlusions glowing under UV light and (R) stone under regular light. Available in sterling silver, oxidized silver, and antiqued brass//$161.12

Image via @belladonna.noir

Get hexed: Hex Labradorite Fortress Ring//$113.33

All these items and more are for sale at Belladonnanoir JP. You can follow Belladonna Noir on Instagram @belladonna.noir and Twitter @BelladonnaNoir3.

Feature image via Belladonnanoir JP. Hecete Crescent Moon and Sun Stackable Ring Set//$68. All prices are given in U.S. Dollars, and were correct at the time this article was written.

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