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stone & violet

Sacred Space Adornment with Stone & Violet

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With a banner that reads, “Handmade meets Earthmade,” Stone & Violet immediately caught our eye. Cementing our interest: their variety of witchy boxes and shelves, all hand-made with the highest level of craftsmanship and care.

Their Etsy has only a few select pieces, mostly their shelves and boxes, while a more complete range of products is available on their full site, including crystals, stones, and pendulums. Each shelf is constructed in a triangle shape, with carved embellishments of moon phases, runes, all-seeing eyes, and alchemical symbols. As one of our staff darklings pointed out, these wall-mounted shelves are fantastic for keeping important items away from the curious and mischievous paws of our familiars, while maintaining a beautifully decorated home.

This beautiful hand-carved shelf has been designed for crystal display and may be too small for much beyond the smallest of magical trinkets. However, there are many options available, including the larger “Everything Shelf,” which can hold tarot decks, candles, incense, oils, and more.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to store your collection of herbs, tinctures, and oils, the House of Apothecary Shelf is a must-have. Each shelf comes with your choice of “Muth Jars” (either filled or empty) and the top shelf was designed to house a small mortar & pestle and cauldron (not included).

Their boxes, intended for storing items such as tarot cards, rune stones, and crystals, are also beautifully crafted. Carved with sacred geometry, ruins, eyes, and moons, these boxes are a perfect addition to any altar.

This three-compartment box has been hand-carved with Elder Futhark runes (12 on each of the long sides). Each compartment is big enough to hold a tarot deck or, as pictured, these poplar wood runes. Stone & Violet also suggests that, “with three divided compartments, your runes can be cast as a whole, or easily divided into the three Aetts using the compartments within the box.”

Stone & Violet is also a source for a variety of other magical items, such as tarot decks, cauldrons, incense, burners, and more, making them a one stop shop for all of your witchcraft needs.

All images are courtesy of Stone & Violet. Keep up with their magical workings on Instagram.

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