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Skeletos Jewelry: Claws, Talons, and Skulls, Oh My

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Ethically sourced and handcrafted from a workshop in the heart of Berlin, Mika, the founder of Skeletos, creates hauntingly ethereal jewelry based on the beauty of nature. In their own words, Skeletos jewelry is “immortalized mortal remains for obsessives, urban witches, and wizards.”

Finding a brand like Skeletos in a world of mass manufactured jewelry is like finding that diamond in the rough. Skeletos’ own ethos is that each piece is made to the highest quality, and they have spent years painstakingly perfecting their molding techniques to produce the best possible replica of each piece of nature they acquire.

Skeletos believes that “nature’s designs cannot be improved upon, so there is a minimum of design involved in our work, we simply use the forms that nature provides us” and you can really see it in their work – the simplicity of their designs allows us to see the pieces for what they are: natural beauty, cast in bronze, silver and gold, captured forever in their original state.

Thankfully, the world is changing and we are starting to move away from mass produced fashion and jewelry and back to supporting independent, highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.

The buzzword right now definitely seems to be “ethically sourced” and Skeletos are right on the mark with their ethically sourced products. Each raven claw, owl claw, and skull comes from an animal that either died of natural causes or has been recycled from previous life as taxidermy art.

“We don’t out-source, and create everything ourselves doing every process ‘in house’ from our fully equipped goldsmithing and casting workshop in Berlin” – Skeletos

Each and every piece of jewelry Skeletos makes is handmade by Mika and Rose. They are both highly skilled goldsmiths and it is impossible to ignore the love and skill they put into their unique pieces of wearable art.

To top it all off, they don’t just hand-craft necklaces, but a whole collection of statement pieces. Their snake skin ring is out of this world; they have managed to capture the detail of each scale of skin with absolute perfection.

This insanely gorgeous pentagram necklace is cast from authentic, natural mouse bones and snake ribs in sterling silver and is finished in blackened oxidized silver, or even a sparkling polished version for extra wow factor.

Created after playing around with the shape of three repeating owl claws, these sterling hoops are stunningly beautiful and dangerously sharp.

A baby sparrow skull has been delicately cast in silver, flanked by your choice of natural gemstones.

A true testament to the craftmanship of Skeletos, this fruit bat has been cast to have an articulated jaw, all while maintaining the minute details of the skull.

Their entire line can be purchased on their Etsy. You can also keep up with their latest work on Instagram.

All images courtesy of Skeletos.

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About The Author

Beth Von Black is a professional model, history student and goth-for-life who collects antiques, taxidermy and wanders around castles and churches for fun.

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