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Slither In: Snake Gear for Cunning Witches

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After we expounded on our love for spiders, we realized we’d left out another beloved darkling creature: The snake. Snakes are creatures that are viewed in many different ways: they’re dangerous, evil, sexy, or cuddly, depending on whom you’re querying. Heck, maybe they’re all of the above! Doesn’t that sound familiar? Yes, darkling, you too are just like the humble snake: multifaceted, dynamic, adventurous, feared. So why not adorn yourself with some stylish snek accessories to show the world you know exactly who you are and what you like.

A double snake pendant with a gorgeous labradorite on an adjustable (read: tie it all sorts of ways) vegan suede cord? Sign us up. Snake Choker//$30.43

Image via Chase and Scout.

Show everyone which Hogwarts house has your heart. (And likely your soul. Slytherins don’t fuck around.) Dark Silver Ouroboros Snake Cuff//$285.00

Image by Lost Lust Supply.

Don’t be fooled; this is merely one very long snake, all twisted up, representing near infinite possibilities and also its very cute little tummy. Win-win. Snake Enamel Lapel Pin by Adam Badge for Lost Lust Supply//$8.50

Image by CreepyGals Shop.

The ultimate marriage of cute and creepy, sweet, and spoopy? This patch from CreepyGals. Snake Hand Embroidered Iron On Patch//$8.00+

Why choose imitation when you can have the real thing? Yes, those are real boa vertebrae adorning this Victorian-style hairpiece. Surely the actual Victorians did this sort of thing, no? Snake Bone Hair Barrette//$30.00

Image via Arcana Obscura.

This holiday season, we’re thankful for two things: violence, and snakes. Just kidding! This snake-wrapped dagger necklace, however, is not a joke. Snake + Dagger Necklace//$150.00

Why be a snake in the grass when you can be a snake in the rose garden instead? Snake and Roses Embroidery//$20.96

Image via Cult Sisters.

We can’t decide if these little sneks are screaming “Hello we are sneaky little sneks be our frand!,” or, “STAY AWAY FROM US, WE WILL BITE YOUR SNOOT.” Either way, these little studs make a statement and you probably (definitely) need them. (You can also get this design as a pin!) Hiss Studs//$50.00

You need a hissing ring to match, obviously. Slither this happy fellow onto your middle finger and tell the world exactly how you feel today. Snake Ring//$140.00

snake ear bracelet

Image via Mercury Hour.

This ear bracelet is going to murmur some sweet nothings that you just can’t ignore, even if you tried. So go on, let it. Serpents Whisper Ear Bracelet//$95.00+

Featured image via Alex Fox Jewelry Studio.

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