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Spine-Tingling ASMR for All Hallow’s Eve

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This time of year is particularly busy for us darklings. There’s rituals to complete, shrines to prepare, and the occasional blood pact for good measure. But once you’re done partially skinning, scalping, and lobotomizing that pumpkin, why not rest your weary soul in the company of our most favorite ASMRtists? But before you settle in for the night, beware, sweet little bats; with each treat below comes a nasty trick…the ever-looming threat of that formidable jump-scare.

(We’re just kidding.)

(Or are we?)

“Devilish Triggers” with Gibi ASMR

Join a sultry Mephistopheles as she steals your soul. Fire, voodoo dolls, and a bottle of Jameson, kick back and relax with Gibi’s latest devilishly delicious escapades.

“Ghost Ships” with The French Whisperer

“An orphan’s curse would drag to hell a spirit from on high; but oh! more horrible than that, is the curse in a dead man’s eye!” Sink into a deep sleep with the abyssal tones of The French Whisperer.

“All Hallow’s Eve Festival” with Goodnight Moon

“Well… I’m a sack of potatoes! …are you spooked?” Join Willow, Nightshade, Bridgette, Maybell and “Smeeter” in Harvington as they celebrate the annual All Hallow’s Eve Festival.

“Morticia Writes To Gomez” with ALBinWhisperland

“Ne te torture pas, mon cher Gomez. C’est mon travail.” If you’re a fan of raven quills and writing desks, the sound of Morticia’s ink and paper is sure to quiet your demons.

“Adorable Organ Harvester” with Seafoam Kitten

Oh! Were you dozing off there? Sorry…we didn’t mean to wake you! All we wanted was your liver! Shh now. Back to sleep…

“Miniature Murder Scene” with Silent Citadel

“Rose had always been trouble. We knew, sooner or later, it would catch up with her.” Silent Citadel invites you to explore the murder scene of Rose, the exotic dancer.

“The Harbinger Experiment” with Twiggy Shei

If all else fails and you simply cannot ward off the demons plaguing your sleep (via hot chocolate, cold whiskey, occult blood rituals, or otherwise) we suggest spending the remainder of your evening with the deliciously dulcet tones of Twiggy Shei. You know what they say…if you can’t beat your demons, join ’em.

Trust us…you will not be disappointed.

Featured image via Stella’s Place.

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