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The Spooky Sartorial Specialties of Corpse Creations

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Are you in the market for some Halloween-themed lingerie? What about a dress, or shirt, or even shoes? Of course you are, that’s one reason you read Dear Darkling in the first place! Luckily for all of us, there’s an Etsy shop that fulfills all your spoopy sartorial needs: Corpse Creations. Filled with Halloween-printed bralettes, underwear, and sparkly ghoulish shirts (to name just a few of the goodies you’ll find), Corpse Creations has stolen our black hearts. Bonus: it’s all handmade and ridiculously affordable.

I mean, a red lace spiderweb bralette with (optional) black bows? Everyone needs one (or six) of these. Red Spiderweb Bralette//$25.00

*Insert joke about keeping your pumpkins secured here.* JackOLantern Bralette//$25.00

Purple metallic spiderweb on a black lace background? Just sating your arachno-obsession! Purple Spider Web Babydoll Nightgown//$43.00+

Calling all Moon Goddesses and celestial-obsessed witches: this lingerie was designed for you. Moon and Stars Babydoll Nightgown//$43.00+

Each piece of Corpse Creations clothing is handmade by the shop’s owner and designer, Alyssa Navarro. If bows aren’t your thing, just send her a note and she’ll happily make your garment without them!

Because you can never have enough bat-themed…well, anything. Gray Bat Panties//$20.00

Good enough to eat. Candy Corn Panties//$20.00

Like we said, never enough bat-themed ANYTHING. Going Batty White Dress//$48.00+

This is just one example of a few varieties of harness dresses available in the shop,. You can also buy just the harness if you’d rather skip the dress and get right to the point(s). Pentagram Harness Dress//$43.00

Like everyone didn’t already know. (PS: if red isn’t your favorite, you can choose to have it made with a different color!) CREEP Baseball Tee//$25.00

Na na na na na na na na BAT SHOES!! Glitter Bat Shoes//$35.00

Again, nearly everything in the shop is customizable and handmade-to-order. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of goodness to be found in the shop. We urge you all to go check it out, and follow Corpse Creations on Instagram as well. Your bank account might not thank you, but your closet sure will.

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