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Stay Up All Night for Power & Magic

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If magic and witches are your bread and butter and you’re looking for your next tale to keep you up all night reading, then look no further. The recent and successfully funded Kickstarter, Power & Magic, brings together a few things we love at Dear Darkling: enchantresses wielding incredible power working hand-in-hand with their coven, and delightful art and storytelling.

Power & Magic panel

Power & Magic, Joamette Gil.

Written by a team of seventeen women, demigirls, and bigender creators of color, Power & Magic promises over 160 pages packed with fifteen original stories rendered in black and white images. Depending on your pledge amount, it’s available as a PDF or a physical softcover book (and the other pledge perks are pretty amazing, too). Edited by Joamette Gil, a queer Afro-Cuban cartoonist, and published by Portland, Oregon based independent comics publisher, P&M Press, Power & Magic is a comic anthology full of fantasy, humor, drama, and romance that shouldn’t be missed.

Power & Magic

Power & MagicJoamette Gil.

As Joamette Gil explains on the project’s Kickstarter, the impetus for Power & Magic came from an idea she floated out among her current creative team to highlight queer witches of color. “On January 27th, I asked if any women of color out there were interested in making comics about queer witches of color, an archetype near and dear to me… The answer was a resounding yes.” Joamette continues to explain the importance of the comic medium as well as the strength and symbolism the witch harbors in society.

The witch is an icon of power. She represents transcendence, healing, insight, defiance, feminine monstrosity, and a sacred relationship to the self, the community, and the universe. From the euphoria of holding the stars in your grasp, to the sacrifices we make to reach them, Power & Magic explores what it means to be a person of power in all its complexity.

Power & Magic

Cover Art, Joamette Gil.

The success of Power & Magic has extended beyond an overwhelming positive response on Kickstarter. The comic was nominated for the Ignatz Award, which recognizes excellence in independent comics. Find out more about Joamette Giles on her website and support her on Patreon. Additionally, you can purchase your copy of Power & Magic here at P&M Press.

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