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The Stone Cold Awesome Statuary of Dellamorte & Co.

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What do haunted castles, moldering crypts, and soaring Gothic cathedrals all have in common? Kick-ass statuary, of course. If you’re in the market for some stunning three dimensional creations to add to your own menacing manor, Dellamorte & Co. has you covered.

Dellamorte & Co draws from various inspirations, both macabre and traditional. Each beautifully designed piece marries the spooky and bizarre with a well-developed eye for movement and balance. The results are truly stunning pieces that feel classic without being the least bit boring.

Best of all, the pieces in Dellamorte & Co.’s shop are largely created with resin and lead-free pewter. As a result, many of the pieces are surprisingly affordable. They’re perfect for a little retail therapy or wonderfully unique gift giving.

Photo by Dellamorte & Co.

Remember, any gift guide that doesn’t tell you to buy ALL THE SKULLS is not to be trusted. Gorgoneion//$30 and Conjoined Skull Pendant//$10

Being savvy purveyors of darkling decor, Dellamorte & Co. has a lovely selection of ornaments and holiday decorations, just in case you’re into that sort of thing.

Photo by Dellamorte & Co.

Will your tree be boring? Quoth the Raven, “Absolutely not.” Raven Ornament//$15

Photo by Dellamorte & Co.

Deck the halls with ancient horrors, fa-lalala-la-lalala. Cthulhu Head Ornament//$15

Photo by Dellamorte & Co.

This delightful ornament, designed by Abigail Larsen, is a cute little ghost to brighten your holiday. It worked for Scrooge, after all. Wraith Ornament//$20

Of course, the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a little Krampus.

Photos by Dellamorte & Co.

Or a lot of Krampus, actually. There is some seriously awesome Krampus representation in this shop, and it’s there year-round. These are just a few of our favorites. Krampus Night Light//$25  |  Kampus Statue II//$60  |  Krampus Magnet//$5

Photo by Dellamorte & Co.

This little guy is perfect for the 2017 holiday season. Look how angry he is. Krampus Nutcracker Ornament//$20

The real horror is that there’s just too much cool stuff to include everything here. It’s also worth noting that the shop rotates stock frequently, with out-of-stock pieces coming back fairly quickly. If something you love is no longer available, it pays to check back. You can see all the goodies by visiting Dellamorte & Co. at their Etsy shop, or by connecting with them on Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook.

Cover Photos by Dellamorte & Co.

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