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Your Summer Goth Beach Read, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Now that the sun is in drama-loving, party-ruling Leo, summer goth season is in full swing. In between graveyard picnics and witch punk shows, you’re making time to avoid or enjoy the sun’s rays at the beach. And you’re going to need a sufficiently spooky, witchy tome to dive into. Your sun sign gives you unique qualities but also unique interests, so here is a killer beach read to toss in your tote with that high SPF sunscreen and coffin shaped towel.



If you catch Dragonscale, a plague ripping through the world in this book by one of Stephen King’s sons, you’ll find beautiful gold and black marks all over your body. That is, until you burst into flames. What a perfect fiery read for Aries. The Fireman//$15



Hard to read alone at night and rich in jump scares, this terrifying tale of residents trapped in a small, insular Upstate New York town haunted by a 17th century witch is perfect for the homebody in you, Taurus. Hex//$14



Travel to a haunting bed and breakfast in lovely Dover, England, home to twins Elliot and Miranda, where xenophobia, pica, and family history combine for a spooky coming of age story. And every character, including the house itself, takes a turn narrating. The supernatural as political gives the intellectual Gemini a lot to mull over. White is for Witching//$6



With that prickly exterior/soft interior duality, Cancer will enjoy the insolence, friendship, camaraderie and pointless cruelty packed into the tremendously funny comic of stoner witch Megg, her cat boyfriend Mogg, their roommate Owl, and their friend Werewolf. You might even recognize the characters are loosely based on the 1970s children’s series about a clumsy witch and her cat, Meg and Mog. One More Year//$16.50



By the author of Let the Right One In, Little Star is the unsettling story of a singing baby abandoned in the woods as she grows up, rises to pop stardom, and inspires a wolf cult of teenage girls in Sweden. Leos can live vicariously through her fame while enjoying all the ABBA references. Little Star//$8



Detail-oriented Virgo will have a lot to unpack with Merricat, the unreliable, ritual-obsessed narrator of Shirley Jackson’s murder mystery. Who poisoned the family at a dinner that only Merricat, her older sister, and her infirm uncle survived? Why does everyone in their small town despise them? And can her cat actually talk? Dig in! We Have Always Lived in the Castle//$7



A fun, silly story of strange drugs, inter-dimensional travel, man-eating monsters and alien invasion, this book is great for a Libra that likes their horror balanced with humor. This Book Is Full of Spiders//$10



Full of gruesome violence, sordid secrets, and powerful witches; is there a better fit for Scorpio? Jeanette Winterson takes the supernatural approach to the Pendle Witch Trials in 1612 England in this short novella, a story with the same rich prose and feminist slant we get in any of her other novels. The Daylight Gate//$9



All the adventure Sagittarius craves you can find in the Binti series by Nnedi Okorafor. Traveling through space and battling warring factions in the galaxy, Binti is taking her place at an acclaimed university previously unwelcoming to her people. Vivid, emotional, and engaging, two parts are available with a third on the way. Binti//$7



The practical Capricorn needs to read the newest (and arguably most feminist) book about the Salem Witch Trials. With insight and compassion, the author gives us a deeper, fresher look into the daily life of both the accusers and the accused. Follow with a viewing of The VVITCH, although there is no Black Philip in the book, to see period-specific dress, infrastructure, and language. The Witches//$11



Aquarius, your attraction to the bizarre and unconventional leads you right to this collection of radio broadcasts and nightmares of small town New England that will keep you wondering how much creepier this world can actually get. After, seek out companion volume The Witch-Cult in Western Massachusetts: Volume 1. Gateways to Abomination//$8



The romantic, elegant artwork by Rebecca Guay is just as attractive to Pisces as the romantic, heroic story by Jane Yolen. You can barely read an interview with Neil Gaiman without him recommending this book. Bonus: this is a feminist twist on the tired old dragon-slaying dude story. The Last Dragon//$8

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