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Summon Spirits with These 6 Mysterious Ouija Boards

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There’s something so special about a Seance. From slumber parties, to 19th Century parlors, a night spent with a Ouija Board, surrounded by candles and good friends is always a delight for believers and non-believers alike!

Looking to liven up your next communion with the dead? We’ve put together a list of Spirit Boards that are destined to impress your friends in this world, and the next.

Madame Devallia Spirit Board


Image by DrabHaus

Need a simple, yet elegant board for your next Victorian-style Seance? Look no further than this stunning Ouija Board from DrabHaus. We can taste the Absinthe already. Madame Devallia Spirit Board//$64.95

All Seeing Eye Ouija Board

Are you done with boring, rectangular Ouija Boards? Are the boards of the past just so…yesterday? Worry not! This circular board by Pandora Witch Shop will let you summon the spirits without ever feeling boxed in. All Seeing Eye Ouija Board//$95

Mini Lunar Filigree Spirit Board

We’ve been lusting over Enchanted Rumors’ spirit boards for some time now. This Lunar model is particularly beautiful, with your choice of color being gold, silver, and bone. Mini Lunar Filigree Spirit Board//$50

Magical Oracle Board


Image by Oliver Hibert

If you’re more into 60s head shops than Victorian mansions, the Magical Oracle Board by Oliver Hibert may be just your speed. With this in your magical arsenal, groovy ghosts are sure to come your way. Magical Oracle Board//$65

Raven Spirit Board

Looking to add a little bit of flare to your next seance? Look no further than Lord Mock Designs! We are especially fond of this Raven Spirit Board, since ravens have long been thought of as contacts between the worlds. Raven Spirit Board//$125

Vintage Replica Spirit Board

Can’t afford an original Bond Ouija Board from 1894? Neither can we. But we can certainly satisfy ourselves with this incredible reproduction from Northwest Curiosities. Vintage Replica Spirit Board//$85.99

Featured image courtesy of Pandora Witch Shop.

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Sarah is a writer of strange fiction, practitioner of the occult, proud New Englander, and werewolf apologist. When not summoning ancient forces, she can be found hunting for the best ramen restaurants around. Instagram: @citymystic

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