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The Sumptuous Subtlety of Sigil Studio

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What witch doesn’t love supple leather, luxurious fur, and bone detailing to accessorize their all black everything look? Creator and artist Anita Arora founded her Seattle-based and Seattle Made company, Sigil Studio, in 2014 to create a subtle unisex aesthetic to please any darkling. Whether you’re a hedge witch or a modern day mistress, Sigil’s pouches and bags are perfect for anything from digging up herbs during a forest adventure to a nighttime city stroll. As an independent brand, Sigil uses earthly inspiration and Icelandic culture to create unique accessories that work to keep admiring eyes directly on you.

Sigil Messenger Bag


Explore with it. Adventure with it. Fill it with crystals, herbs, your dark lipstick, and tarot cards. Accented with deer antler sheds chosen for their beauty, and leather that comes in a variety of colors, the Sigil’s messenger bag is as tough as it is soft to the touch, ready at your side as you take on the world. Small Sigil Messenger Bag//$160

Make-Up Brush Bag


As any darkling knows, keeping your look fresh requires tools—tubes of lipstick, eyeshadow, and brushes, brushes, brushes. Made with deer hide, rabbit fur, and antique brass rivets, Sigil keeps your tools organized and at the ready in this make-up and brush pouch. Makeup Bag//$55

Leather and Fur Gauntlet


Love the feel of leather and fur? Want to keep your hands and wrists sheathed with crystals, fur, and bone? Sigil’s subtle, yet luxurious cuffs and gauntlets are perfect accessories you won’t find anywhere else, especially this rabbit trimmed double wrapped deer hide leather beauty. Leather and Fur Gauntlet//$45

Icelandic Black Sand Pendant


Maybe you’re an adventurous spirit bent on accessing magic from your shield maiden sisters from across the world. Sigil’s one-of-a-kind black leather pendants contain glass vials full of black sand gathered by hand at Black Sand Beach in Vik, Iceland. Icelandic Black Sand Pendant//$30


Follow Sigil Studios on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for updates and inspiration.

Sigil Studio’s current line is available through Etsy.

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