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The Sweet and Sinister Scents of Andromeda’s Curse Perfumery

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Most perfumes attempt to make you feel “sexy” but just leave you smelling like a basic, uh, witch. Darklings, look no further, and allow us to introduce you to Andromeda’s Curse  perfume oils. These perfumes actually make you feel magical, with scents inspired by the four seasons, mythological goddesses, tarot cards, and lots of incense.

Amanda Andrews, the perfumer behind Andromeda’s Curse, hand-crafts each scent. She selects each note of fragrance, mixes it with fractionated coconut oil, and ages each concoction in a dark amber bottle. And not only are these fragrances magical, they are also 100% vegan!

The name Andromeda’s Curse is inspired partially by mythology, partially by astrology. “The curse is desirability- be it from being the closest galaxy to Earth on which we cast on our hopes and fantasies, or just from being a prehistoric mythological babe who’s only crime was having horrible parents. I basically wanted a name that sounded somewhat mysterious and was open to interpretation.”

We had the privilege of smelling several scents from the Major Arcana and MMXVII collections. Read on for our thoughts.

The Major Arcana Collection

This fragrance collection was inspired by tarot, specifically the Major Arcana, which are the most significant cards in a deck.

High Priestess

andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage
Heart Notes: Chalk, Smoke, Sage, Dragon’s Blood, Incense, Chypre, Black Oud
Base Notes: Amber, Woods

As soon as we opened the vial of High Priestess perfume, it felt like we were being wrapped in the dark warmth of the High Priestess’ smoke-saturated cloak. The woody, smoky scent lends a grounded, earthy feeling. The mysterious smoky notes remind you to follow your intuition, just like the High Priestess card suggests. High Priestess//$10

The Devil

andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Black & Red Currants, Violet
Heart Notes: Cherry, Plum, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Fig
Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood

Like the devil himself, this fragrance is sweetly seductive. Notes of red fruits like currants, cherries, and raspberries conjure images of a tempting red devil. The pomegranate note reminds us of the story of Persephone and Hades; Persephone consumes six pomegranate seeds which in turn damns her to stay with Hades in Tartarus for six months, from Mabon (Fall Equinox) to Ostara (Spring Equinox). When Persephone returns to earth she brings with her spring blossoms, which we can smell in this mythical fragrance. The Devil//$10

The Hermit

andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Artemisia
Heart Notes: Balsam Fir, Dirt, Fall Leaves, Nag Champa
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Oakmoss

The first note to hit us in this fragrance is the zing of wormwood (AKA artemisia.) It reminds us of greenery, from lush fields to a glass of absinthe. The Hermit’s scent suggests sipping some while taking a long walk through a mossy forest overgrown with ivy, and following the green fairy on the road of introspective enlightenment, even if only in your mind. The Hermit//$10

The Magician

andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Benzoin, Clary Sage, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Anise, Smoke, Leather, Dragons Blood, Library Books, Sweet Oud, Rosewood
Base Notes: Tobacco, Woods, Oakmoss

This fragrance is like a plume of tobacco smoke with spicy sparks of black licorice cast from The Magician’s wand. This strong scent makes you feel like you can manifest anything through the power of magick. The Magician//$10


andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Basil, Clary Sage
Heart Notes: Musk, Dirt, Tea, Incense
Base Notes: White Musk, Black Oud

As we sniffed the scent of Death, we imagined walking into the doors of a dank, musky funeral home lined with carnations and lilies. It is a very musky fragrance mixed with funeral flowers. Death//$10

The MMXVII Collection

MMXVII is Roman numerals for 2017. This collection was inspired by nature blossoming in the summer, the sweet scents of roses and strawberries, the freshness of green grass, and as always, magic.

Summer Solstice

andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Geranium
Heart Notes: Strawberry, Green Grasses, Lavender, Tuberose
Base Notes: Amber, Dirt

This floral fragrance transported us into a damp grassy field after a summer thunderstorm. It smells of strawberries and purple nightshades blossoming under the moon, while crickets chirp and fireflies sparkle on the horizon. Summer Solstice//$10


andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Bergamot, Moss
Heart Notes: Water Lily, Lotus Flower, Freesia, Narcissus, Salt Water
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Dirt, Green Grasses

This fresh, flirtatious fragrance conjured images of a tranquil lagoon where the enchanting blue water nymph, Undine, lounges about. Moss, lotus flower, and water lily made us feel like a mermaid or a water goddess. This scent is great to wear to the shore while seducing your consenting summer lover into some skinny dipping. Undine//$10


andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Neroli, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Tea, Mahogany, Incense
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Myrrh

One whiff of this spicy, woodsy fragrance lead us into a candlelit room, incense smoke floating through the air. A tea cup sat upon a table, with leaves swirling through the steamy amber colored water spelling out our future. Tasseomancy//$10

Briar Rose

andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Geranium
Heart Notes: Rose, Incense, Woods, Dragon’s Blood
Base Notes: Egyptian Musk, Rosewood, Black Oud

This romantic rose fragrance made us feel like a medieval queen in a billowing gown, reeking of musky incense, strolling through a thorny patch of red roses. Briar Rose//$10

Moon Sugar

andromeda's curse

Head Notes: Sugar
Heart Notes: Peach, Lychee, Strawberry
Base Notes: Milk, Vanilla

This fragrance is super kawaii! When we wore Moon Sugar, we imagined little heart, moon, and star emojis trailing behind us everywhere we go. It’s like a tiny sweet lolita in each vial. The peach, lychee, strawberry, milk, and vanilla notes reminded us of walking into a boba tea shop, painted in pastel colors. Moon Sugar//$10

For a complete listing of all fragrances click here. Shop the Andromeda’s Curse full line on Etsy.

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