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One Lump or Two? Tea Things for Your Witches’ Brew

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The advent of spring is the perfect excuse to get out the cups and pots and celebrate with tea, little cakes, riddles, and/or rhymes. Invite your friends over for an afternoon of Earl Grey and debauchery, complete with a darkly laden tablescape. Here’s a list of thirteen finds for your tea table, mad or otherwise:

Skeleton Mouth Cup

This toothsome teacup is the perfect little something for fans of both Mütter and matcha. IllustrationByJones//$28.01

Gold or Silver Poe Raven Cake Stand

Quoth the Raven, “Petit four.” Pile this gorgeous cake stand full of dark little delights. AngiolettiDesigns//$65+

Bat Tea Towel

Image via MonahanPapers

Finally! It’s the perfect cleaning cloth for the crepuscular tea partier! This little bat will help you delicately wipe any smudges off your favorite cup and saucer. MonahanPapers//$8

Skull Tea Set

Image via WWCeramicsUK

Make no bones about it: this bold set, decorated with skulls and black ooze, combines charm and edge. WWCeramicsUK//$75.53+

Mini Black Spoon

Image via CB2

A sleek spoon for those who like their tea (or coffee) black as midnight on a moonless night. CB2//$5.95

Vintage Black Teacup and Saucer

Image via VERAsPalm

Picture it: a rainy day, an engrossing tome, and a warm, refreshing brew in this beautiful vintage teacup. VERAsPalm//$16.81

Victorian Sugar Tongs

There’s nothing like a set of beautiful vintage tongs to help sweeten the pot. DecapitatedPenguin//$47.00

Amsterdam Tea Set

Simple. Functional. Black. This is the perfect set for a casual coven meeting. English Tea Store//$29.39

Victorian Cameo Tea Ball Infuser

If you’re into mixing your own herbal brews, this adorable tea ball, complete with a decorative cameo, is for you. MeandAnnabelLeeShop//$9.99

Black Sun Hat Tea Bag Holder

Image via TexasCeramics

Here’s one for the strange and unusual. Keep your teabag or drippy spoon out of the way and off the tablecloth with this Lydia Deetz-esque black sun hat. TexasCeramics//$9

Block Bidasoa Espana Noche Set

This tea set straddles the line between florid and sleek, for those who aren’t quite set on Victorian vintage but aren’t fully into the sharp modern aesthetic. RetrospectVintage215//$62

Hand Stamped Skull Tea Spoon

Skull tea spoon

Image via CraftLinds

Stir things up with this little skull spoon! Bonus: It’s stamped with the most darling stars, moon, and “Witches’ Brew.” CraftLinds//$12.59

Green & Gold Customizable Bat Tea Set

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat… Next time your coven-confidante comes over for tea, you’ll be prepared with this beautiful Victorian-style bat tea set. AngiolettiDesigns//$145+

Feature image via AngiolettiDesigns

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