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Ten Creepy Dolls to Watch You While You Sleep

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Dolls are one of the most basic toys, and the variety of reactions to them can be fascinating. Some people find them childish, and some squeal at their cuteness. Others may feel parental and nurturing toward these stand-in little humans, and others find the dead eyes of even the prettiest doll terrifying. Our favorites are the ones that are creepy and beautiful, uniquely troubling, and best of all, don’t cry or need their diapers changed. Chucky’s got nothing on these babes.

Melanie by Adopt a Creepy Doll

Hanging around with Melanie is a bloody good time. Handmade in Seattle, she is full porcelain, comes with a rope noose, and sports fine details such as bloody hands and feet, sweetly ruffled panties, and stitched-shut lips. Check out her brothers and sisters while you’re there. This shop’s dolls sell fast, but the owner is working on a new collection, so check in frequently if Melanie gets snapped up by a loving haunted home. Follow @adoptacreepydollMelanie//$65

Possessed Girl by Christie Creepy Dolls

She didn’t listen when her mommy told her not to talk to the voice in the attic. There was nothing to do but put her up for adoption. Love her for her red-eyed stare, vacant smile, and her very special marking. Repainted porcelain and cloth doll. Follow @christiecreepydolls. Possessed Girl//$75

Lizzie Needle-Felted Doll by Freak Felter

Image via Freak Felter

Lizzie the vampire is ready for Halloween with her pumpkin, striped stockings, and headstone-shaped ice cream bar. This cutie was the winner in the Gothic Category of an online competition by Russian magazine Kukolniy Master. She’s handmade from needle-felted wool, lace, and other materials. Follow @freak.felter. Lizzie Needle-Felted Doll//$164.90

Hyperdontia Doll by Sophie’s Creepy Dolls

Was it a boy? A girl? Who can tell any more? This OOAK dolly comes with a crying function, and may need help brushing. Follow at Sophie’s Creepy Dolls on Facebook. Hyperdontia Doll//$65

Mushroom Folk by The Imaginary Bestiary

They don’t have eyes with which to follow you, but they have legs. These made-to-order, OOAK mushroom folk look creepy, but they are really fun guys. Fleece fabric makes them cuddly and easy to clean. Choose from Amanita Muscaria, Velvet Piopinni, and Bleeding Tooth, or ask them to create your favorite real — or imaginary — shroom. Follow @theimaginarybestiary. Mushroom Folk//$70

Asmodeus by OCR Limited Arts

Image via OCR Limited Arts

Who can resist that smile? If you are dreaming of a little boy, Asmodeus is the answer to your nightmares. This blond-haired demon spawn is customized with budding horns, a Chelsea grin, and cute monster jammies. Follow @ocrlimitedarts. Asmodeus//$149

Angel of Death Porcelain Horror Doll by Occult Cuties

Let this little beauty guide you to the afterlife. This porcelain doll includes custom claywork, hand-dyed dress and wings, and pentacle amulet. The alchemical symbol for “death” is on her forehead. Follow at Occult Cuties on Facebook. Angel of Death Porcelain Horror Doll//$75

Hand-Stitched Severed Head Rag Doll by Tattered Rags

Image via Tattered Rags

Some kids would lose their heads if they weren’t attached. Fortunately, this goth cutie has hers sewn on — to her hands. She is completely hand-stitched, has vintage button eyes, and wears a white-collared dress and studded wrist cuff. Follow @jodicaindolls. Hand-Stitched Severed Head Rag Doll//$150

See No Evil, Speak No Evil Doll by Sondra’s Creepy Dolls

This may be taking “children should be seen and not heard” to extremes, but we can’t resist those precious golden curls and purple satin and velvet ensemble. We guarantee your dumb dad jokes will keep her in stitches. Handmade. See No Evil, Speak No Evil Doll//$35

Creepy Old Crone Doll by YR Visions

Image via YR Visions

Put a little magic into your life with this gray-clad crone. This ceramic doll’s repainted face is highly detailed, and she comes with a removable prop spellbook, wooden chair, and lantern. Creepy Old Crone Doll//$218 with free shipping to the U.S.

Feature image via christiecreepydolls  All prices are in given in U.S. Dollars and were correct at the time this article was written.

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