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Towering Trees and Dark Leaves: How to Wear a Haunted Forest

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Darklings are often drawn to forests – dark, secluded, magical, the sites of rituals and secrets. This October, there’s no better way to pay tribute to the trees than to shroud yourself in their beauty. We’ve gathered a collection of clothing, accessories, and cosmetics to help you embody the essence of a haunted forest.

Branches Gothic Crepe Jacket

Is there anything more traditionally spooky than the eerie silhouette of bare branches, rustling in a chill breeze? You can make the branches rustle yourself in this sheer jacket from Jawbreaker Clothing – perfect for layering with a winter wardrobe, or adding some detail to an all-black outfit. Available in UK sizes 8-14. Jawbreaker Clothing//£25.99

Branches Ombre Gothic Leggings

If you’re a fan of leggings, these are a great way to incorporate a haunted forest into your look. The ombré pattern fades from a gorgeous dark purple to light grey, the color of the full moon above twisted, finger-like branches. Available in sizes S-XXL. Restyle//£25.99

Through the Trees Dress

Image via Tekay

This A-line dress is printed with an idyllic, dark woodland scene to gaze at if you’re not able to visit a forest in the flesh. Deep greens, misty greys and the feeling of an autumnal chill make this dress perfect for anyone who would rather be under the trees. Available in sizes XS-XXL. Tekay//£40

Faery Dress

Perhaps you’re the spirit that is haunting a forest this Halloween. If so, make sure you’re doing it in something floaty, ethereal, and ghostly, like this beautiful Faery Dress. Imagine the ivory chiffon brushing against the trees as you dance around a fairy ring – swoon. Available in sizes XS-XXL. CarriAngelCouture//£160

Widow’s Web Gothic Chiffon Tunic

A forest wouldn’t feel scary without a good helping of spiderwebs clinging to the branches. Let them cling to you in this chiffon tunic from Widow. The versatile relaxed fit shirt and matching necktie can be dressed up or down – perfect for hauntings of all dress codes. Widow//£44.99

Suspira Dress

The dark twin of the Faery Dress, the Suspira Dress by Punk Rave has an irregular, pointed hem and cut out sleeves that scream “forest-dwelling witch.” Pair with the Jawbreaker Crepe Jacket and no one will question that you are the scariest thing in these woods. Available in sizes XS-XXL. Punk Rave//£34.99

Helene Off-Shoulder Crop Top

Deep, plush, forest green velvet makes this crop top feel completely decadent –  the ideal piece to wear in the woods. Blend in amongst the pines and let the ferns brush against your skin. Available in UK sizes 8-22. Corvus Corone Fashion//£42

Winter Branches Leggings

Restyle make leggings that fulfill all our darkling desires, and these are no exception. Creeping branches wrap around your calves, drawing you down to the forest floor. Available in sizes S-XXL. Restyle//£25.99

Forest Dweller Flowy Tank

Image via Sovrin

Sovrin truly embodies the earthy, dark atmosphere of a haunted forest with their limited edition designs. We love this print of a crescent moon above a bed of ferns, mirrored as if in a forest pool. Available in sizes S-XL. Sovrin//£23

Haunted Forest Scarf

Image via Lily Mitchell

Who said the forest spirits aren’t friendly? These adorable spooks are emerging from behind the tree trunks to accompany you on your trick or treating. Printed on a sheer, semi-transparent fabric for a truly ghostly effect. Lily Mitchell//£21

Twisted Vine Necklace

Image via Jamie Spinello

Jamie Spinello creates the most gorgeous hand-sculpted, nature-inspired pieces. This necklace is the perfect statement piece, with twisting vines growing around a large quartz crystal, allowing you to carry a piece of haunted forest with you everywhere you go. Handmade to order. Jamie Spinello//£172

Crystal Hair-Staffs

Those of us darklings with longer hair know that it can get easily caught in the boughs of unruly trees. Keep yours tidy with these crystal-topped hair staffs – they look as though they’ve grown right up from the forest floor. Corvus Corone Fashion//£18

Harvester Necklace

Image via Theeth Jewelry

Do not disturb the dead. They are busy gathering mushrooms. This hand-sculpted piece by Theeth Jewelry evokes images of skeletal hands bursting forth from the soil – a tribute to the haunted forest’s ever-present cycle of life and death. Theeth Jewelry//£166

Branch Pentagram Earrings

Everyone knows that crafting your pentagrams out of branches makes them stronger, right? Wear your occult symbols in your ears with these branch pentagram earrings and let the world know that you’re the witch of the woods. Restyle//£12.99

Dark Pines Mini Patch

Image via Sovrin

We love patches here at Dear Darkling – they’re a great, affordable way to customize pieces of clothing you already own. The creeping roots of this Sovrin patch would look at home on even the most black metal of battle jackets. Sovrin//£3.80

Segunda Plaga Lipstick

There’s no better way to wear a haunted forest than with a stunning green lip. Necromancy Cosmetica’s matte lipstick, in the shade Segunda Plaga, has us thinking of dark tree canopies, swampy frog pools, and wild undergrowth. Necromancy Cosmetica//£12

Martian Cosmic Eye-Dust

Green isn’t just for lips – thanks to Black Moon Cosmetics’ Cosmic Eye-Dust, you can also wear it on your eyelids. Although this shade is called Martian, it screams deep, dark forest, with a mixture of carbon black and green pigment, and some subtle silver shimmer. Black Moon Cosmetics//£14

Rook Stick Incense

“Wet leaves, musky black feathers, slow vetiver, a stiff branch, the slow death-creep of Autumn, a fussy Underworld messenger.” The description of this scent, also available as candles or perfume, gives us shivers. Gorgeous, haunted forest shivers. Bathe yourself in Rook, and be transported beneath the trees. Strange Fire & Fumery//£7.60

Featured images via Corvus Corone Fashion, Sovrin and Jamie Spinello 

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