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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dark Hearts

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If we’ve learned anything from our Lord and Lady Addams, it’s that having a dark heart doesn’t require you to eschew the sappy stuff. Though there are plenty of things here at Dear Darkling any spooky valentine would love—from our deep love of shiny objects to our admiration for sexy underwear—we thought we’d whip up something special for the holiday. We’ve collected some of our favorite Valentine’s Day classics, perfect for that special someone in your basement life.

Planchette and Pin Set

Image via Fiendies

There are so many lovely things to drool over at Fiendies and, knowing that most of us could never pick just one, they’ve been nice enough to offer gorgeous bundles of some of our favorites. Fiendies//$58.00

Black Valentine Candle

Image via Witch City Wicks

No one knows how to cast a spell over their lover like a witch. This sinful blood orange and rose candle is conjured in Salem, the witch city itself, for a perfect “night in” with your dark master or coven. Witch City Wicks//$23

Anatomical Heart Cufflinks

Is your Valentine the kind of person who wears their heart on their sleeve? Show them how much you appreciate their candor with these gorgeous anatomical cufflinks. Unlike your actual heart (we assume) these cuties are inscribed with “love” and “lust,” to make sure all the bases are covered. Block Party Press//$35

Sexy Wax Warmer

Image via Buffalovely

We hope. If you’ve got a scent-obsessed person in your life, this is a good way to give them a wink and nod on Valentine’s Day. Buffalovely//$16

Skull Wax Melts

Image via Ember Candle Co.

If you need a little something to go with that snarky little wax burner, Ember Candle Co. has this delightful set of skull wax melts. Ember Candle Co.//$10.27

Black Roses

Image via Anno Rosa

Ah, roses. Elegant, timeless. What could possibly improve on this romance classic? Make them black, of course. These lovelies have the added benefit of being extremely long-lived, the better for your beloved’s breathless contemplation. Anno Rosa//$51.15

Bear Oil

Strange Fire and Fumery is at it again, and this time they want to oil you up. Yes, hair oil is that exciting. (What did you think we meant?) This lovely cedar and amber scented oil is perfect for beards, but can be used to smooth out any hairy situations. Also, consider their Merkin Oil, with a brighter apple and sage scent. Strange Fire and Fumery//$18

The Xaga

Image via Chakrubs

Rub away all those bad vibes with this dark beauty. Made from obsidian to really get deep into your (ahem) aura, this is the wand your witchy Valentine really craves. Chakrubs//$114

Fatally Yours Chocolate Box

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a box of chocolates. And nothing says “rule the underworld with me” like this box of spooky vegan delights. (Except, maybe, a hand full of pomegranate seeds.) Vegan Treats Bakery//$94.95

Kinky Lovers Gift Set


Image via LVX Supply

Love hurts. Make sure you’re ready to get a handle on all that subby sass with this gorgeous paddle and charming accompaniments. LVX Supply//$149.99

Cocktail Bitters Set

Image via Lvnea

We confess, we went to Lvnea looking for a lovely, gender-neutral scent to put on our list. We were pleasantly surprised, however, to run across this lovely little set of bitters. Flavored with dark, dreamy woodland delicacies, these little elixirs are utterly enchanting. Lvnea//$25

Black Tea Gift Set

Image via Dem Bones

A gift doesn’t have to be covered in hearts to be romantic. Treat your sweetie to a steamy cup of the good stuff. And some tea. Dem Bones//$21+

Heavy Whip Whipped Shea Butter

Image via Hexennacht

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most, like making sure your sweetheart’s skin is soft, supple, and beautifully scented. Hexennacht//$14

Septagram Body Harness

Image via Twilight Siren

Twilight Siren has a wonderful collection of harnesses and corsets. This somewhat heart-shaped septagram is a wonderful surprise for your Valentine, and is custom made to size. Twilight Siren//$66+

Featured images via Anno Rosa and LVX Supply

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