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Walk Between Worlds with Chase and Scout Jewelry

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To wear a creation by Chase and Scout Jewelry is to experience walking between worlds. These wearable works of art may be man-made, but they use the natural resources of the earth to recreate some of its most beautiful treasures in breathtaking detail. Chase and Scout merges the material with the spiritual, intertwines the delicate with the fierce, and effortlessly balances darkness and light. The fleeting is made permanent. Dear Darkling is a long-time fan of the brand, and our mother publication, Dirge Magazine, briefly spoke with them back in 2016. We felt it was high time we shared more.

Orchids symbolize beauty and strength. Show off yours in this necklace made of rare Japanese Shibuichi alloy. Black Orchid Collar Necklace//$450

Metalsmith Elle Green is the artist behind Chase and Scout, creating the brand in 2008. Working out of her Austin, TX studio, she touts her jewelry as being for “the strange and the beautiful.” She draws heavy inspiration from botanicals and nature, often molding pieces from real flowers, leaves, honeycombs, and animal bones. She incorporates metals, genuine stones, feathers, and other natural items in her works. Animal lovers, be assured that all items are guaranteed to be ethically-sourced. “I do not support the intentional destruction of nature for fashion,” states Green.

Magic in the making. Honeycomb Necklace in Golden Bronze//$88 and Honeycomb Cuff//$165

She also draws heavily from the mythical, the mystical, the morbid, and the strange. The truly magical thing about Chase and Scout is how seamlessly all these dichotomies work together. In her catalog, protective eye necklaces exist in harmony with earrings based on tribal shields and weapons. Wolf’s teeth cohabit with caged crystals. Metal leaves and branches sport semi-precious gems that appear to have grown on them organically.

“Sometimes the simple act of direct acknowledgement can help to diminish the power of hidden malevolence.” Eyes Have It – The Watchful Eye Amulet//$135

The daughter of an archaeologist, Green grew up surrounded by tribal relics and museum-quality artifacts.

“I gravitate towards items used in funerary rites and burial customs. All cultures have a series of mystical rites that need to be performed and objects ascribed solely for funerary use. One of the attractions to ancient cultures is that almost every object created contains decorative elements of form and function,” she explained to Dirge Magazine.

Ancient Incan ritual as wearable bronze art. Not for the faint-hearted. Tumi Earrings, Crimson//$175

Green elaborates on her website, “With an eye on the primitive and supernatural traditions of carrying personal totems and talismans, I hope to create objects that resonate deeply with the modern soul. Every pendant, earring and ring is intended to carry power and weight for the wearer. My process relies on traditional metalsmithing techniques such as lost wax casting and fabrication, each piece is made using reclaimed sterling silver, bronze, raw gemstones and ethically sourced organic materials.

Inspired by secret realms, hidden worlds, and the tiny microcosms we’ve become disconnected from, my work strives to capture a slice of that lush life so often invisible to us.”

Autumn beauty immortalized in the purity of silver. Sterling Grape Leaves and Wolf Spider Cuff//$275

All these items and much more are available on the brand’s website, Locally, find Chase and Scout Jewelry at the Blackmail Boutique located at 1202 S Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704 (512-804-5881) and the Women and Their Work Art Gallery located at 1710 Lavaca St., Austin, TX 78701 (512-477-1064).

You may not be able to hold the infinite in your hands, but you wear it on your finger. Ouroboros Snake Ring w. Moonstone//$225

Follow Elle Green and Chase and Scout Jewelry on Instagram @chaseandscout, Twitter @ChaseandScout, and Pinterest Chase and Scout Jewelry.

All images via and @chaseandscout.

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