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12 Bewitching Zines for DIY Darklings

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Zines are the most personal way to experience magic the way another sees it. A zine is like a journal put to print, filled with feelings and intentions other than your own but also relevant. Painstakingly illustrated, printed, and bound, here are twelve zines that will bring a bit more clarity to your life.

How to Live the Everyday Life of the Modern Witch


We don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be hard to find space for magic in our busy lives. This zine contains sweet illustrated guides on anything from tracking the moon with your cell phone to brewing potion (tea) based on herbal properties. Laurdione Designs//$7.94

Sad Girls from the Internet


You’ll identify with the girls in this zine if you’ve ever had a cool internet friend (ahem, your beloved Dear Darkling writers). They’re all bad ass and none of them are messing around. Gemma Flack//$6.36

Can I Ask You a Question?


Do you turn to your computer for answers? Your reflection in the mirror? Filled with gorgeous tri-toned illustrations, this wordless zine opens the door to a modern mystic world and dares that you step inside. Charles Bloom//$8

A Very Femme Tour of the Zodiacs for Those Who are Bitter


Are you an angry gemini? A pissed off taurus? Whatever your sign, this zine may not tell you what you want to hear but it will tell you should you need to know. And this gift set comes with a corresponding pin! WE’RE OBSESSED. Graveface//$6

Brave to the Grave


Crystal ball says: “You can’t live without this coloring book zine filled with self affirmations!”
Heart and Hands Store//$6.36



This fun collaborative zine is filled with spooky ghosts and haunted houses. The 28 pages of artwork are definitely killer. Mummys Hand//$10

Superstitions, Omens, and Signs for the Modern Witch


Who knew a dropped call could hold so much meaning, that a cigarette butt could predict your future? We just couldn’t grab this zine without the deck of cards it’s focused on. resubee//$10+

Crystal Witch and Love Spells


We’re bewitched by this detail oriented set of zines. It’s filled with everything you need to wield magic as a self-love tool. Lillian Cuda//$10

All of Them Brujas


Filled with whimsical illustrations, this zine is the guide everyone needs to identify the brujas they’ll come across in the wild (or hanging out in town). Don’t forget to check out Rebecca Artemisa’s cootie catcher zines while you’re taking a peak at her world! Rebecca Artemisa//$5



This zine is the soft goth diary of your teen witch dreams. It’s filled with Victorian-style drawings and playlists for ghost girls that will make you yearn for your adolescent spell-casting days. Alice Roses//$6.72

A Self Care Spell


Short and sweet, this zine is just one self-care spell that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again. Coupled with a straightforward guide and lovely illustrations, this is a must have for any modern darkling’s zine collection. Rayne Klar//$4

Lady Parts


This inclusive, collaborative zine is a personal collection of essays on radical feminism, hysterectomies, and the experience of being queer, a person of color, or both. It includes media recommendations and herbal remedies making this the resource for the modern femme’s library.
Dani Burlison// $10

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Liah Paterson is a Queens-based freelance illustrator. She spends her days polishing up her knowledge of occult objects, destroying canvases, and trying to coax her cats into liking her. Her apartment is filled with piles of books, sculptures, and paintings of disembodied hands, and a partner who plays scary video games for her so she can watch them like movies. Find her on Instagram (@atenderwitch) or on her website (

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