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Living Dead Beauty: Grunge Goth Beauty for the Everyday Darkling

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You’re walking down the city streets, checking out everyone else’s makeup, as one does. Then you see someone who stands out from everyone else, even in a subculture that is known for standing out. One of those people made for Instagram: Impossibly cool, with a makeup look of the day that causes strange stirrings in your nether regions. She’s got that effortless street style, but with a dark edge. Makeup that is simple, but undeniably striking. Bold brows, greige 90s-influenced lipstick, and eyelashes for days. You think, Damn! That lipstick is amazing! Where did she get it?! That’s where Living Dead Beauty comes in.

Someone like her. Image via @lou.von.brightWinnie Velvet Matte//$13.99, or try Grunge Ultra Matte No. 16//$10

Darklings, we’re über-excited to bring this company to you, because it is truly brand new. The brand’s owner, licensed esthetician Lacey Johnson, was nice enough to take time out of her super-busy holiday sales season to talk to Dear Darkling. Living Dead Beauty (LDB) just opened its website in November of 2017 with 19 shades of its Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They got buzz in the indie makeup scene for both their luscious colors and comfortable wear. “I love the idea of incorporating darkness and beauty together for so many of us that do not fit the ‘norm,’ and have a little dark side in us,” Johnson told Dear Darkling.

Lucky 13. Image via @alien.artistry. Grunge Ultra Matte No. 13//$10

LDB is already evolving and refining its vision. All Velvet Mattes linked in this article are still for sale at the time of publication, but are being phased out in favor of the new and improved Grunge Ultra Matte line. If you see a linked Velvet Matte shade here that you like, but it’s since sold out, don’t worry. We also linked a similar Grunge Ultra Matte shade in the new line for you to try. To add to their versatility, all the liquid lipsticks are safe for use on the eyes. They can be used as eyeshadow bases or as eyeliner. (Outer lids only; they are not approved for use in the waterlines.)

This month, LDB launched their first two eyeshadow palettes. The Bold Eyes Palette features 15 matte shades in dark neutrals with pops of bold color, plus some shades for transitioning and highlighting. The Naturals Eyes Palette features 15 neutral shades in mixed finishes including metallics, mattes, and shimmers. Everything LDB sells is cruelty-free and vegan.

Shut up and take our money! #eyepaletteaddict Image via Living Dead Beauty. Bold Eyes Palette//$23

“Cosmetics are a huge passion of mine, and I am a complete makeup junkie. I studied cosmetics in aesthetics school, as well. I am the ‘typical’ makeup hoarder, and [I] own and try many makeup brands,” explained Johnson. “I knew I always wanted my gothic interests and my passion for makeup to coexist, so I took to action and started working on creating Living Dead Beauty. I knew right away I wanted to offer 100% vegan and cruelty-free products, as that is all I wear. It is a shame the beauty industry still tests on animals, and I hope one day it will end, but until then I wanted to sell products that not only inspired me, but were vegan and cruelty-free.”

Anything but boring neutrals. Image via Living Dead Beauty. Naturals Eyes Palette//$23

Living Dead Beauty is the sister company to a brand Dear Darkling has featured beforeLiving Dead Skin. That Etsy shop features Johnson’s handmade skincare products made from her own recipes, using natural ingredients. “Living Dead Skin was really the start of the Living Dead brand. I am a ‘witch at heart.’ I love using nature for inspiration with skincare. I wanted to actually use nature to benefit my skin,” said Johnson.

Resurrect your skin. Image via Living Dead Skin. Ritual Spray Toner//$9

Johnson studied cosmetics as well as skincare in aesthetics school. When Johnson decided to start her own cosmetics line, she carefully chose a professional cosmetics manufacturer that is approved for the USA, Canada, and China. Working with a professional lab ensures safe, consistent formulas for customers. Johnson comes up with color and product concepts, and works closely with the lab to bring her ideas to life. Johnson added, “It also gives [LBD] a chance as a small start-up to really dive deep into the vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic world, and hand-procure products I love and am excited about that are high quality and affordable to customers.”

LBD liquid lipsticks are also eye safe. Image via @evelinabking_. Inspiration: Glitter over LBD liquid lipstick.

Johnson gets her color inspiration from creative looks she sees on the street. She’s also very inspired by smaller Instagram accounts. “People’s profiles can be very raw, and you will come across an effortless look, and go, ‘I love that combination!’ [Then] a color or product idea will come alive! It’s not about the girls and guys with hundreds of thousands of followers and perfect photos for us. Our makeup is for the creative individiual. It is for the everyday ‘darkling.'”

“Right now, our style is very modern goth grunge, I guess you could say. I like the mix of styles. I love minimalist and simple products, but [put in] bold color combinations. There is really no limit when it comes to makeup, and I hope we can offer something for everyone.” In the future, Johnson would like to add vegan makeup brushes, bullet lipsticks, and highlighters to the brand’s line-up.

Modern, effortless  glam with red lips. Image via @evelinabking_Fiend Velvet Matte//$13.99 or try Ultra Grunge Matte No. 16//$10.

You can buy the makeup products at You can follow Living Dead Beauty on Instagram @livingdeadbeauty, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat. You can buy skincare items on Etsy at Living Dead Skin. You can follow Living Dead Skin on Instagram @livingdeadskin.

Deep purple. Image via @kirracruz. Try Grunge Ultra Matte No. 09//$10

Feature image via @lou.von.bright

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