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Morbid Obsessions: Fall in Lust with Notoriously Morbid

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Obsession. Every makeup lover has one. That perfect color that you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw it; the one that makes your heart soar and soul sing. I found mine three years ago in an ordinary plastic baggie, a sample included with the first order I made with indie makeup brand Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics. It was an eyeshadow called Autumn Flower: a perfect dusky reddish-brown with purple undertones and a breathtaking teal shift. It was the color of a beautiful bruise. It had to be mine. I stalked the brand’s website and emailed customer service until I knew the moment it launched as a permanent item. Not only did owner Carrie Marcum not file a restraining order, she showed extraordinary customer service in keeping me up-to-date and letting me know the second my beloved went live on their website. Now, let me pay that forward and help you find your own obsession.

New objects of desire coming soon. (Images via Notoriously Morbid.) Special edition multichrome shadows and shifting lip toppers.

Notoriously Morbid prides itself  “in creating unique cosmetics that are perfect for those who are a little morbid at heart.” Made by hand in the middle of the dark Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, the brand’s makeup captures the essence of mystery and urban legend. Best of all, all their products are 100% cruelty-free. There are many vegan options as well. Most items are available in sample and mini-sizes if you want to try before you buy full-sizes. Worldwide shipping is available, so darklings everywhere can partake.

Irrisistible lipsticks in exquisite coffin-like packaging. (Image via Notoriously Morbid.)  Diablo Lip Rouge//$10

The brand boasts a dizzying array of loose eyeshadows, as well as some semi-pressed and pressed shadows. Check out their themed collections. Wander through the State of Fear Shadow Collection: There’s a cryptid creature creation for each of the 50. Find five bewitching smoky shades when you visit Gallow’s Hill. Then take your assbutt over to check out the supernatural shades of The Winchester Gospels.

Dreams of gold. (Image via @lunabatbeauty.) Nearly Headless Nick Eyeshadow//$5.50

“I take inspiration from almost every aspect of my life. Color schemes of costumes in movies, descriptions of scenes from books, and a general overall feeling lead me as I create. Music is a big influence for me most of the time also, as I tend to escape into my music playlists. I really love period pieces and horror, so a lot of products are muted or jewel toned,” explained Marcum.

It’s not all about the eyes, though. Take your cheeks to the next level through the intriguing tones of Divinations Blushes. Play up your bone structure with ethereal Osteomancy or Power of the Fae Highlighters. Necromancy and Deathly Pallor Contour Powders are just the thing to carve out cheekbones so sharp you could cut your victims with them. Color in your pout with Diablo Lip Rouge or Mystic Matte Liquid Lipstick. Mix and match your new lippies with Changeling Top Coat Duos, which you can customize by choosing your own shades. Now that’s what I call magic!

Bewitching eyes. (Image via @nicbeautyx.) Eyeshadows in Witch’s Briar, Coven Muffin, and Bloody Awful Poet//$5.50 each

As though all this were not enough, Notoriously Morbid offers two fabulous monthly subscription services. The Vanishing Cabinet delivers themed collections with exclusive colors in a variety of the brand’s products. Past themes have included Drop Dead Gorgeous, an homage to favorite spooky ladies of TV and movies; Mother to Dragons, inspired by everyone’s favorite Khaleesi; and Father of Zombies, a tribute to iconic film maker George Romero.

Mystic Monthly, new this year, delights subscribers with an exclusive, full-size Mystic Matte Liquid Lipstick and one other full-size lip product from the company’s range. This year’s theme is “The Witches’ Inn,” with each month’s shade being based on a famous witch.

Duochrome lust. (Image via @daisleymakeup.) The Grand Empress Eyeshadow//$5.50

Marcum talks about starting the company in 2013. “I had a deep passion for makeup from an early age. I was always obsessed with cosmetics and how they can empower you and make you feel. I was introduced into the indie world a few years before NM was created and it sparked my creativity. Working with bath and body products years prior, I was familiar with a lot of the ingredients found in cosmetics and began researching the business. Not fitting in for most of my life, I found my perfect fit with the indie cosmetic world. It took me a while to decide on a name for the company, almost six months! Poe’s poem, ‘The Raven’ was actually what started it! The word ‘nevermore’ led me to ‘NM,” and I realized that I have always been ‘Notoriously Morbid.'”

Simply the best. (Image via Notoriously Morbid.) Best of the Worst Pressed Palette//$20

Since then, she’s added three other people to help with packaging and labeling products, and processing orders. She creates and manufactures all the products herself. Recently, she opened a brick and mortar store.

“Notoriously Morbid wasn’t a huge success overnight, but experienced a lot of growing pains,” said Marcum. “With its steady growth, it gave us the opportunity to plan where and what NM would be doing next. And as it grew, we started getting more and more orders locally via our website. We had the opportunity to become a vendor at a con back in April. The demand for our products was overwhelming, and we realized that we could fill a void [in our community]. Having an indie store that not only carried NM, but other great indies, was a small dream of mine. It has been surreal to see that actually take place. We now produce and manufacture our NM products and subscriptions at the shop along with running the front end retail portion of NM. ”

The object of my obsession. Just look at that shift! (Image via @glitter_by_sunrise.) Autumn Flower Eyeshadow//$5.50

Marcum plans on expanding the line-up to include more multichromes and semi-loose shadows. The semi-loose formula took over a year to develop and bridges the gap between loose and pressed shadows. Marcum explained that they’re easier for people new to loose shadows to use, because it has a priming binder in the formula. A line of lip shimmers and more bath and body products are in the works, as well.

You can follow Notoriously Morbid on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can visit the Notoriously Morbid store at 454 Prosperity Road, Mount Hope, West Virginia 25880, or call (681) 207-7460.

Feature images via Notoriously Morbid and @takingteaindreamland.

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