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Oh, What a World! Rainy Day Finds to Keep Your Pointy Boots Dry

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Witchy types sometimes have a fraught relationship with water. Unfortunately for anyone inclined to melt, spring is nigh and tends to bring rain showers… and you can’t stay huddled inside forever, even if you do have Internet access. Here are a few accessories to help you dance between the raindrops:

Ouija with Bat Foldable Umbrella

Image via StuffoftheDead

This rainy day essential combines the wonders of Spiritualism with the comfort of staying dry and the compact convenience of a folding umbrella. StuffoftheDead//$27.99

Harlequin Scalloped Pagoda Umbrella by Chrysalin

Image via Brolliesgalore

Pagoda umbrellas are a great way to turn any rainy slog to pick up cat food into a whimsical jaunt. (This one also comes in black, for occasions that require restraint.) Brolliesgalore//£21.95

Oops Rain Boots

Image via Nine West

These sleek boots are perfect for anyone who needs to negotiate puddles on foot rather than by levitating. They’re also shiny enough that you’ll know immediately if that eerie dude hovering nearby on the subway isn’t casting a reflection. Nine West//$99 $34.99

Full Length Hooded Nepage Raincoat

Image via Nordstrom

Not only is this long raincoat ideal for casual swooping while you walk to work, it will protect your beautiful wickedness from any potential splash-tastrophe caused by passing cars. Nordstrom//$350 $169.90

Italian Armor Stick Umbrella

Image via The Met Shop

In the event that there isn’t a curious old castle to duck into when the downpour starts, this umbrella is the next best thing. The Met Store//$50

Janie Polka Flared Raincoat

Image via Collectif

This take on a raincoat from the 1950s is the perfect way to protect your vintage ensembles from the elements, no matter the fullness of your petticoat. Collectif//£74

Red Ribbed Pagoda Style Umbrella

Image via LoveUmbrellas

The biggest threat to umbrellas, apart from gale force winds and “absent-minded” umbrella “borrowers,” is being forgotten in public places. It would be hard to lose track of this vibrant and unique umbrella, although you may experience a storm surge of “borrowers” flooding your cubicle. LoveUmbrellas//$28.79

Action Waterproof Dog Vest

Image via sophisticatedpup

What better way to help keep your favorite fuzzy familiar warm and dry? A word of warning: it’s going to be even harder saying no to that furry face when he’s wearing a raincoat. sophisticatedpup//$32.29

Header Images (L-R) via The Met Shop, StuffoftheDead, and The Met Shop

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