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Salvaging Antiquity: Historical Wax Stamp Jewelry by Shannon Westmeyer

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Darklings, join us in our virtual time machine and take a glimpse into centuries past with Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry. An avid collector of antique wax seals, Westmeyer crafts fine jewelry using stamps in her collection. She also hand-casts pieces from authentic wax seals salvaged from antiquarian documents and letters. She specializes in creating unique handmade pieces in vintage-inspired designs. She uses ethically sourced and eco-friendly reclaimed silver and bronze. Stones are from sources that avoid mining, or are lab-grown.

Image via ShannonWestmeyer

Inscribed with “Es Fui, Sum Eris” ( “I once was what you are, you will be what I am”), this piece is made from a seal dated circa late 1700s – early 1800s. Available with shiny or antique finish. Skull Wax Seal Pendant //$52


Image via ShannonWestmeyer

As all darklings know, “The night is full of wisdom.” This silver pendant is made from a seal bearing the phrase in Latin, surrounding an owl and tree design. Owl Wax Seal Pendant//$40

Westmeyer’s jewelry comes in unisex designs that can be customized by choosing from different chains (sold separately, see pendant listings for types and prices), finishes, and add-ons such as gemstone charms. Choose from a huge selection of pendants featuring designs such as botanicals, nautical motifs, skulls, owls, crests, and more. Rings, earrings, cufflinks, monogrammed jewelry, and bracelets are also available. Each piece is made to order. Due to their handmade nature, allow for slight variations that also make each piece unique. Custom orders are accepted; contact Westmeyer for information and quotes.

Images via ShannonWestmeyer

Stylish monogrammed jewelry makes a personal statement or a cherished gift. L to R: Silver Initial R Pendant//$38, Silver Monogram Ring//$145+, and Initial S Antique Crest Pendant//$80

All the jewelry is suitable to give as gifts, and everything comes packaged in linen bags. “Meaning Cards” are included with every piece explaining the meaning and symbolism of the seal used to make it. Custom gift wrapping is available using a 100% recycled organic paper box. The box is tied with string and sealed with wax that is cleverly stamped with the same design used to make the jewelry piece inside.

Image via ShannonWestmeyer

Custom gift wrapping with matching seals is sure to get a stamp of approval. Custom Gift Wrap//$5

The pieces reflect her personal history, as well. She has been creating as long as she can remember. Her grandmother was a potter who created pieces pressed from real leaves. It is her grandmother’s calligraphy pen that appears in many of the product photographs. Her grandfather was an architect and designer who “collected everything,” according to her Etsy shop’s “About” page.

Images via ShannonWestmeyer

Understated elegance. L to R: Tiny Crown Earrings//$44, Tiny Skull Stud Earrings//$48, and Love Birds at Fountain Earrings//$44


Images via ShannonWestmeyer

The perfect accent to any black suit. L to R: Momento Mori Skull Cufflinks//$150, Compass Cufflinks//$160, and Scottish Thistle Cufflinks//$150

“Embracing what I inherited from them has led me down this path to here … a business that allows me to be creative and raise my children while I work from home … turning old into new and beloved,” she writes.

“My shop is full of history; there’s a story and meaning behind each seal that’s still relevant even today,” she continues. “My hope is that you will find something to treasure and love, [and] pass along its forgotten story, and embrace its history and timeless beauty.”

Image via ShannonWestmeyer

Be a little cheeky with this Victorian can-can girl design. Rich Not Gaudy Pendant//$66

Image via ShannonWestmeyer

Making a good impression. This design is impressed into the silver using real vintage lace from the early 1800s. Vintage Lace Birthstone Tag Necklace//$56+

These pieces and more can be bought from ShannonWestmeyer on Etsy or Follow her on Instagram @shannon_westmeyer_jewelry.

Featured image via Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry

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