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Stand Beautiful Amid the Ruins with Apocalyptic Beauty

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Have you ever stood in the middle of a vast concrete jungle and thought, “I’m just not feeling my fiercest?” Are you finding it hard to express your inner demon without supporting companies that hurt bunnies? Or maybe you’re allergic to carmine and searching for a red that looks like Hell instead of feels like hell? Dry your tears, fix your mascara, and let us introduce you to Apocalyptic Beauty.

Mattes this good come along once in a blue moon. (Image via @psychopeanut_o3o.) Eva Destruction Eyeshadow//$5

Apocalyptic Beauty is an up-and-coming indie alternative cosmetics company founded by horror author, zombie expert, and makeup enthusiast Alisha Adkins. Based in New Orleans, it offers handmade cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. With credentials like these, Adkins has created shades with names and label designs that will please both the most darkly inclined and nerdiest among us.

Autumnal perfection. (Image via @jessicahazemua.) Ginger Snap Eyeshadow //$5

The company’s philosophy is that makeup is “warpaint… for the modern day barbarian,” someone whose makeup is about empowerment, not just glamour. Apocalyptic Beauty believes that “life is too short to hide behind the anonymity of neutral eyeshadow.” Apocalyptic Beauty stands by this statement with vampy reds, vivid purples, and radioactive greens, along with gorgeous variations of everyone’s favorite staple, black. The Dead Sexy Eyeshadow Collection was inspired by Adkins’ interest in the changes bodies go through during the stages of decay. Not sure if a shade is right for you? Most products come in mini or sample sizes. All this with affordable prices and worldwide shipping? Pinch us, because we gotta be dreaming.

You are what you wear. (Image via @faetalglamour.) Existential Vampire Eyeshadow//$5

Complete your perfect look with ethereal blushes, cool-toned contour powders, radiant highlighters, macabre nail polishes, divinely scented setting sprays, fun custom glitters, and more. Many of the eyeshadows are lip safe. They look beautiful over lipstick, gloss, or the brand’s Hypnotic Kiss Lip Balm.

Make your pout as clever as your puns. (Image via @kat.the.strange) Nevermore-Tisha Eyeshadow//$5

Adkins makes all the products herself, and everything is vegan. Her inspiration for starting the company stemmed from her not being able to find the kinds of makeup she wanted and needed. Adkins has allergies to carmine and many chemicals found in mainstream makeup.

“Every year about the same time, my husband and I would drive up to South Carolina to see his folks for Christmas. It was a long drive. Last year, I started writing down all the ideas I had for makeup I wished someone would make. My husband said, ‘Well, why don’t you make it?’” Adkins explained.

Magically transform your pigments. (Image via @kat.the.strange.) Cosmetic Alchemy Mixing Medium //$4.85

Adkins already has ideas for expanding the product line. Liquid lipsticks are in the works. Recent Halloween grab bags featuring special limited edition Halloween Collection makeup, candy, and other goodies inside adorable pumpkin packaging were a huge hit. Adkins says she plans on doing similar themed grab bags for other holidays.

Even darklings need a little light. (Image via @lunabatbeauty.) Bebop Moon Custom Glitter Blend//$4.25

You can find all of these, and other great products, at Apocalyptic Beauty on Etsy. You can follow Apocalyptic Beauty and Alisha Adkins on Instagram, YouTubeand Twitter.

Featured image via (L-R): @goodbye_blu_monday, @centipedemua, and @faetalglamour.

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