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How to Wear: Classic Universal Monsters

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When it comes to horror icons, you cannot beat the Universal Monsters. Instantly recognizable and widely beloved, these creatures are the granddaddies (and mamas) of darkling style. They’re the perfect inspiration for your Halloween costume—or casual ensemble for brunch. To make your lives easier, we’ve put together looks for some of our favorites. Monster mash your way through October and trick-or-treat all night long, safe in the knowledge that no one would ever be foolish enough to ruin Universal’s legacy with a shared universe of ill-advised remakes. That would be truly horrifying.


It’s Bela Lugosi or bust. Nothing screams charm like a vampire, and if it’s a vampire you’re after it has got to be the original. Enjoy this modern take on Lugosi’s classic tuxedo and party till the sun comes up.

(Clockwise from upper left) Bela Lugosi as Dracula via Universal Studios  |  Short Sleeve Blouse//$31 | White Cotton Waist Cincher//$34 | Gothic Choker//$25 | Dracula Perfume//$3+ | Lace Cape//$73 | Fangs//$90

Frankenstein’s Monster

All you need to ace this killer look is green skin, a boxy jacket, and a razor edged indictment of humanity’s arrogance.

(Clockwise from upper left) Ranger Boot//$79 | Frankenstein Belt Buckle//$47.76 | Small Frankenstein Purse//$45 | Boris Karloff as the Monster via Universal Studios | Frankenstein Monster Bolts//$8 | Lipstick//$21 | Frankenstein Nails//$11+ | Linen Jacket//$278

The Bride of Frankenstein

One of the most iconic lady monsters ever, you absolutely can’t go wrong with the “monster’s mate” for Halloween. Let the lovely Elsa Lanchester inspire you with a look that’s equal parts undead horror and otherworldly beauty. (Psst: If you like this, check out our other version of How To Wear The Bride.)

(Clockwise from upper left) Stitch Choker and Bracelet Set//$25 | Elsa Lanchester as the Monster’s Mate via Universal Studios | Lipstick//$20 | Frankenstein’s Bride Ombre Wig//$96.38 | Ivory Arm Warmers//$34 | Bride of Frankenstein Purse//$52 | Stitch Ring//$15  |  Frankenstein Lightning Bolt Earrings//$22.03  | Holographic Highlighting Powder//$30 | Veil Dress//$144.81

The Wolfman

A supernatural affinity for the moon and hairy legs? There’s a reason we love werewolves. Halloween gives you the perfect excuse to channel your inner Lon Chaney, Jr.

(Clockwise from upper left) Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Wolfman via Universal Studios Checked Mustard Dress//$60 | Werewolf Claws//$18 | Replica Cane//$399 | Fangs//$24.99 | Eye of the Wolf Perfume//$23 | Vintage Mask//$25.99

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

A genuine Creature from the Black Lagoon costume is not for the faint of heart. Just in case you aren’t the kind of person who wants to spend the whole night rocking a full-body rubber suit, we’ve got you covered with an alternative. The simple answer? Scales. Scales everywhere. Add a few pieces of flare to rep our favorite fish-faced fiend, dab on a swampy scent, and you’re good to go.

(Clockwise from upper left)  The Gilled Man via Universal Studios | Phaedra Skater Dress//$59 | Fingerless Gloves//$46 | Neptune Leggings//$34 | Vintage Ben Cooper Mask//$100 | Odyssey Hoodie//$89 | Dragon Leggings//$49 | Swamp Lily Perfume//$10+ | Creature from the Black Lagoon Pendant//$10

And for the introverts out there, remember you can always skip the party and tell your friends you went as the Invisible Man.

Featured Image via Universal Studios

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